EMPOWER How to Raise Super Girls

Raising Super Girls

How to Raise Super Girls …

Today we celebrate International Day of the Girl Child 11th October. The day created to recognize girls’ rights and unique challenges girls face around the world.

Let’s Raise Super Girls to be smart, confident and courageous reducing poverty, violence, exclusion and discrimination.


My name is Karen Tyrrell, award winning children’s author, advocate, teacher and parent.

I’m passionate about empowering girls to live their strongest and most fulfilling lives. Empowering our girls will enable them to empower others.

The best way to Raise Super Girls is to start programs at home and school. Parents, teachers and the community must lend a hand.

Raise Super Girls

10 Ways to Raise Super Girls

  1. Invest in programs for girls’ health, safety, education and rights. Let’s empower girls to reach their dreams and build better lives for themselves and their communities.
  2. Educate our girls to be independent thinkers. Make education the driving force of change. Educate our educators and parents to break down gender barriers and gender stereotypes starting with gender diverse toys and games. Promote gender equality.
  3. Immerse girls with positive role models in the family and the community. Mighty girls who are strong, independent problem solvers and decision makers.
  4. Expect girls to achieve excellent results at school and in their careers … and they will. Empower girls to do great things.
  5. Foster girl’s self-worth, self-esteem and self-conference. Instil a strong sense of self-belief that girls can do anything.
  6. Nurture a positive body image so girls are comfortable in their own skin. Encourage girls to be active risk takers enjoying the outdoors.
  7. Encourage girls to study STEM subjects at school: Science, Technology, Engineering and Encourage girls to pursue careers in STEM.
  8. Build a girl’s resilience. Teach girls coping skills and how to speak up for their rights.
  9. Teach girls about positive relationships with males and females. Raise awareness and strategies to deal with domestic violence. Empowering mothers, sisters and women will empower girls too.
  10. Read fiction books with powerful female characters. Girls who can do anything including STOP the bully and engage in STEM science. I suggest girls read my empowering junior adventure, Song Bird Superhero.
 Karen Tyrrell Raising Super Girls

Karen raises super girls with Song Bird Superhero

How does Song Bird Superhero empower Super Girls?

Book: Song Bird Superhero empowers girls to live strong and believe in themselves.


Rosella Ava Bird AKA Song Bird Superhero dreams of flying. She achieves her dreams by believing in herself, and channeling STEM science and engineering to develop her flying skills. She faces one challenge after another including being bullied by Frank Furter.

She uses STEM science and problem solving to transform her singing voice into super powers.

Raise Super Girls

FREE Teacher Resources including STEM Science and Girl Power

 Raise Super Girls

How do you raise Super Girls to be smart, confident and courageous?

Which tips resonate with you?

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