Pantomimes: How to Create & Perform for Children


Lights! Camera! Action! I create FUN pantomimes from my award winning children’s books to entertain and educate.  I created and performed pantomimes for my novels Song Bird Superhero, Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra, Jo-Kin Battles the It and STOP the Bully. I performed pantomimes for picture books Bailey Beats the Blah and Harry Helps Grandpa Remember.

My books have positive messages such as Living Strong, bully prevention, coping skills and STEM science.


These interactive pantomimes or story-telling sessions were performed at book launches, schools, libraries and festivals.

Last week I flew to Sydney to present my Song Bird Superhero pantomime to William Stimson School.  I performed Song Bird at Wetherill Park Library as a public performance too.

Song Bird Superhero is about a bullied girl who gets her super powers from singing, science and self- belief.

After the pantomime, children completed FUN activities which I created for Song Bird Superhero. These activities include: STEM science, creative writing, and art and craft. Download HERE

Win Song Bird Superhero

Song Bird Superhero by Karen Tyrrell … Pantomime script by Karen Tyrrell

What is a Pantomime?

Pantomimes are theatrical entertainment, involving music, jokes and slapstick comedy based on a children’s story. Children are often invited to interact with actors to help save the hero from the villain.

Why create Pantomimes for your children’s book?

Pantomimes dramatize your story, promoting and selling your book. Children LOVE the FUN interaction of pantomimes. Pantomimes connect children, teachers, schools and parents with the author.

 I wrote a pantomime script from book Song Bird Superhero

I wrote a pantomime script from my book Song Bird Superhero

How to create Pantomime Scripts

  1. Write and publish your children’s novel or picture book first.
  2. Analyze the BIG Picture of your book: Who’s the hero and the villain? What’s the story’s message? How does the hero triumph over the villain? What challenges does the hero overcome?
  3. Compress the story to an introduction, climax and resolution.
  4. Add dialogue. The hero actor invites the audience to interact. They repeat a pledge or warn the hero of the villain’s presence.
  5. Consider using key characters only to keep production costs down.

Audience participation is paramount to the Script

How I created Song Bird Superhero

  1. I created Song Bird pantomime as a musical story-telling session from the hero’s point of view. ie Rosella Ava Bird. Rosie explains how the bully, Frank Furter (villain) stole her self-esteem so she couldn’t sing OR build her wings to fly (science).
  2. Song Bird invites the children to become superhero buddies. The audience repeats a superhero pledge to empower themselves… and Song Bird. The audience warns Song Bird of Furter’s presence. ‘He’s behind you!’
  3. When Furter enters the final scene, the audience and Song Bird ignore the bully. The children sing, sway their arms and clap to the music. The musical ending celebrates the triumph of Song Bird over Furter.

Final scene Song Bird Superhero pantomime with villain Frank Furter

Finally, how did I Perform this Pantomime?

  1. Exaggerate your acting, movements, dancing and humour to entertain children.
  2. Make costumes and props yourself from available materials to keep costs down.
  3. Play recorded music through a speaker or invite school choirs to sing.
  4. Investigate venues to present these events.
  5. Connect with your local library to organize these events. Children pre-ordered signed copies of Song Bird Superhero. I handed these over to the school after the pantomime.
William Stimson Public School interacted with Song Bird Superhero

William Stimson Public School interacted with Song Bird Superhero

 Jo-Kin Battles the It … and Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra

Jo-Kin defeats the evil Lord Terra on planet Dee-lish-us

Joshua Atkins becomes JO-KIN Super Space Kid

Joshua Atkins becomes JO-KIN Super Space Kid … Performed by Anthony Puttee.

STOP the Bully — Bully Prevention talk

STOP the Bully talk at Shailer Park High

STOP the Bully talk at Shailer Park High

Bailey Beats the Blah

Change your Blah to HA-HA-HA … Kids hold their thumbs up OR down to reflect Bailey’s mood

Bailey Beats the Blah Panto at Logan North Library

Bailey Beats the Blah Panto at Logan North Library


Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Harry NEVER gives up helping his Grandpa Remember …

Write Links friends perform Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Write Links friends perform Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

Finally: Now you can create and perform pantomimes using the steps above.


My empowering books are available … on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble  and at bookstores.

Who wants to present pantomimes & story telling sessions?

 Were these tips helpful? … What else would you like to know?

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2 comments to Pantomimes: How to Create & Perform for Children

  • Lorna trace

    Karen, it’s fabulous that you immerse yourself so fully in your art. My child had a wonderful time when you pantomimed Songbird at our library recently . It took me back to my own childhood . Bravo to you so much fun.

  • Hi Lorna, Lovely surprise to see you here.
    Thrilled you enjoyed my Song Bird pantomime at Logan North Library 6 weeks ago.
    I’ve tweaked it since then, adding more interaction with the children… Hope you get to see the latest version.
    Karen 🙂

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