Hour-of-powerFeeling exhausted? … Lacking energy and motivation? … Everything seems too hard, too tiring?

Are you stressed to the hilt? Frazzled by work and time pressures?

Would you like a calmer, MORE fulfilled life? Full of energy, vitality and Success?

Try an Hour of POWER …

An empowering way to start your day, guaranteed to lift your mood and creativity in a relaxed, balanced way.

 #7 Secrets  to Empower YOU

1.    Take a brisk walk, breathing slowly and deeply as you swing your arms.

2.     Concentrate on the rhythm of your breath. Be mindful of your five senses and what’s around you. Meditate.

3.     Fill your thoughts with gratitude, expressing  positive thanks for all the wonderful gifts the universe has empowergiven you.

4.     Stretch out your limbs and your body. Try a Fit ball, yoga or Pilates.

5.    Rehydrate yourself with fresh water. Continue drinking fresh water throughout the day.

6.    Eat a SUPER breakfast: oatmeal porridge, chia seeds, nuts, Greek yogurt and blueberries.

7.    Scribble down your personal reflections in your journal:  writing ideas and goals for the day expressing your emotions.

Now you’re ready to start the day filled with confidence, ENERGY and clear goals.

WHO Wants MORE Power?

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Did the hour of power EMPOWER you?

What step was the MOST helpful?

HOW do you EMPOWER yourself?

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2 comments to EmPOWER Hour of POWER

  • Ani Peters

    All seven secrets to empowerment remain a common theme throughout my life. And, I especially love these seven because whether I practice even one or all seven, my energy, my mood and my confidence does help me stress less and feel happier about who I am and the goals I want to achieve. Its good to have these seven secrets to empower you written down to help align your life with positive thoughts and goals and to make you feel better about yourself.

  • Thanks Ani, For checking on my empowerment tips. So glad they align with what you do to keep energized and strong. Take care … Karen 🙂

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