Launching UNDEAD Kev + FREE Kindle Giveaway

YAY!!  Children’s Author and teacher Charmaine Clancy is giving away a FREE Kindle to celebrate her new junior novel UNDEAD KEV (Zane and Kev versus Everything)

Undead Kev is the sequel to her best SELLER, My Zombie Dog.  I just LOVE Charmaine’s quirky scary humor … So do KIDS!

UnDead Kev: BLURB

The undead adventure continues!

Kev was strange, sluggish and smelled disgusting... and that was before he became a zombie!

Zane and Kev, best mates forever.

Side by side, they’ve been through crayon chewing (Kev), nose picking (Kev), and losing their trunks in the public pool (yep, that was Kev, too).

They even faced the zombie apocalypse together… until Kev got bit.

Can their friendship survive if Kev is a zombie?

UnDead Kev available on Amazon HERE

How to WIN a FREE Kindle AND an Amazon gift card

KindleGo to Charmaine’s Wagging Tails website.

Buy one of her books …

My Zombie Dog, Undead Kev or Dognapped ? (A Dog Show Detective Mystery) ALL only $2.99.


Good luck in the Giveaway competition.

PLEASE Share, tell all your friends on Facebook, twitter and google + about this FANTASTIC deal.

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