HELP Autistic Kids in Autism Month + Bookgiveaway

images_052I’m celebrating Autism Awareness Month by giving away a signed copy of Bailey Beats the Blah, resilience picture book suitable for EVERY child.

Bailey Beats the Blah boosts self-esteem, coping skills to cope with CHANGE, beating worry thoughts (anxiety) and sad days (depression)  raising emotional awareness.

Why am I so Passionate about supporting Autism?

1.    My sister was officially diagnosed with autism only last year. Since then she’s learned practical coping skills. Her life has changed. She’s happier and MORE confident now.

2.    I taught autistic KIDS in my primary school classes. Wish I had Bailey Beats the Blah as a resource then.

How can you Support Autism Month?

1.    Share the facts: One in every 88 children has Autism.

2.    Post a positive Autism IMAGE on your blog, Facebook, Twitter page or other social media site … and support Autism Month.

3.    Learn how Bailey Beats the Blah can transform EVERY child’s LIFE.  Read my interview. Find out which skills Bailey can teach your child HERE

KarenTyrrell-Bailey-Cover-WebUse-LgeWIN a FREE signed copy of Bailey Beats the Blah register HERE …. Closes April 8

BUY Bailey Beats the Blah in print or eBook HERE

Download FREE teachers notes and FREE kids activities from my website. HERE

Did you register for a FREE copy?  HERE

Can you please tell everyone HOW Bailey Beats the Blah is transforming kid’s lives?

WINNER is …. Klara Gaglia … CONGRATULATIONS !!

Thanks to the 1233  people who entered 🙂  🙂

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4 comments to HELP Autistic Kids in Autism Month + Bookgiveaway

  • Thank for writing such a wonderful book on a subject that we know our children need support with and for sharing it with our followers

  • My Pleasure, Veronika. I’m so happy to ahare Bailey Beats the Blah with your followers. I’m hoping Bailey will transform the lives of children with autism, special needs … and every child. .. Karen 🙂

  • Ani Peters

    Thank you for writing a very important book for children that will empower them to feel better about themselves when they have been bullied or feeling anxious and sad. This book is also beautifully illustrated with bright colours that is very inviting to any child. All teachers, social workers, counsellors and carers should know about this book.

  • Hi Ani, Thanks so much for reading *Bailey Beats the Blah and offering your very positive review and words of support here … Karen 🙂

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