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  • Helen Howell

    Are you thinking of publishing with Amazon? It’s supposed to be a good way to go H H

  • Thanks Helen, for dropping by with your awesome support. I love how Amazon gets your book out there with reviews and ratings πŸ™‚

  • Aishah Macgill

    Hi Karen,

    Will you have electronic version as well?

    Would love to see it on Kindle, iBooks etc.

    We can help you with that if you need any asssitance in that area.
    Australian Writers Rock

  • Hi Aishah, thanks for dropping by. ME AND HER will be available in both print and Kindle formats. Anthony Puttee from Book Cover Cafe is collaborating and assisting me. Thanks for your kind offer.

  • My son David and I want to obtain your book ASAP. Any format, Kindle, iBooks, print, is fine.
    David is struggling with bipolar, I am managing my bipolar with some success.
    Please advise. Thanks.
    John Schooler Jones
    Petaluma, California

  • Hi John and David, My book will be available most places by mid May. I can send you my FREE mental health newsletter with strategies which can help in the meantime. Just let me know, and I’ll email it to you … Karen πŸ™‚

  • Hi Karen,
    I too am interested in getting a few copies of your book for our organisation Richmond Fellowship Queensland. We support adults in mental health. I am always intested in books that will inspire our clients. I know that there are limited book stores in and around Brisbane these days (with the take up of the iPad and other gadgets), I just wonder if you know of which books stores your book will be sold at, so I can go straight in and purchase, rather than waiting for a delivery from online?
    Also, I would love to be added to your newsletter mailing list if you don’t mind. I put together our newsletter and our clients would greatly benefit from any further information.

    kind regards,

  • Thanks Kasia for your awesome offer. I had my book launch last night to a packed room. I’ll message you all the details & options. i’ll add you to the news letter contact list.

  • Kathe Pickel

    Could you please include me in your newsletter> Thanks!

  • Hi Kathe, Thanks for getting in contact with me. I’ve just added you to my mental health newsletter. Next one coming soon Karen πŸ™‚

  • Lexie Mitchell

    Hello Karen,

    Loved your book. The reason I took so long to read it was because I am time poor at the moment. I loved everything about it. To tell the truth I was sorry when I finished it. I thought it was beautifully written, concise and easy to read with a lovely flow of writing, and some nice original turns of prose. It was emotive without being over emotional, your bravery and determination showing all the way through. I bet you have given yourself a big tick for keeping the journals.
    Your honesty gave the reality to your characters, your family, your friends, the people you met and dealt with along the way. When I judge a book I have read I do it by the characters. If I can’t relate to the characters,( because I get in there with them), I can’t enjoy the book.
    You are an amazing person, and your family wonderful. Judging by the success you have had so far with your writing I know you can look forward to a lot more. With your resilience and energy the sky’s the limit.
    Love and best wishes

  • Thanks so much Lexie for your awesome friendship, feedback and review. I sent you a personal email request πŸ™‚

  • Pat Greavea

    Hi Karen

    Congratulations on your radio interview yesterday, I am so pleased for you that it and everything is going so well for you in your life. You are not only an inspiration to those with Bipola, but to many of us who struggle with so many things in our lives, Family, Work and of cause time out for our selves.
    Keep on Going Karen and I know that there is no turning back for you now, and with the family support that you have all will continue going well. Regards Pat

  • Thanks Pat, for listening in yesterday and returning here with your very warm & fuzzy words of support. Sure appreciate it. Karen and Steve xx πŸ™‚

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