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  • Hi Jan, I’m glad my suggestions helped. Wishing you All The Best for Saturday with your Manuscript Assessment … Karen :))

  • Thanx Louisa, I’m trying my best to get this New Version planned. So the writing will be easy … Cheers, Karen :))

  • Robin Adolphs

    Atta girl! this would make you stronger!

  • Robin Adolphs

    Atta girl. True character shows, especially when it’s needed!

  • Thanks Rob, Over the last week I’ve learned so much about perserverance and the writing /publishing process. I could almost write a book on it. LOL. Karen :))

  • Thanks Rob, I’m pulling together every strand of my Willpower to keep going with this manuscript. I can Rewrite Me and Her. I can keeping fighting for it to be Published …Karen :))

  • Karen Tyrrell

    Hi Karen. How exciting but see I told you it was only a matter of time before your brilliance was recognised . Hang in there cousin and know that you have such support from family and friends which ever side of the Tasman we are on!!

  • Hi Cuz, Thanks for that Rap and all your support. Karen xx

  • Thanks Susanne. I’m kinda proud/ kinda embarrassed … being in the Top 100. But every step leads … to publishing. Karen :))

  • Jan

    Hi Karen,
    Loved the Blog about Crime Writers and the profiles.
    We are a group of Happy Little Vegemites!
    Have just read these words of wisdom: Don’t be afraid to take
    BIG steps. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.
    (David Lloyd George)

  • Hi Jan, I’m really proud of our group’s achievements. And still we remain a very happy, relaxed group of writers … Thanx for that Fabulous quote … very inspirational. Cheers, Karen :))

  • karen,
    thanks for replying. yes i would be interested in the newsletters. congratulations on your successes.

  • Hi Cat, Thanks for dropping by. Thanks for the congratulations, much appreciated. I’ll send you the latest newsletter this morning. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Cathie Hannan

    Good Morning Karen,
    Last Saturday I was fortunate to meet Kev and Anthony at their book signing in A&R Helensvale. They gave me some helpful advice about publishing as I have just finished my first Kid’s book. They suggested I attend this Saturday’s meeting at Springwood Coffee Club. Will this be Ok with the group? I would very much like to have network with like minded passionate writers!
    Please let me know at the above email address if it is Ok for me to participate. I live and work on the Coast, not in the Logan area.
    best regards,

  • Hi Cathie,
    This group is supposed to be for Logan Writers to raise the profile of Writing in Logan. But a few have slipped in if they used to live in Logan, or they work in Logan. So I’m unsure how to answer you. Are you a member of the Gold Coast Writers Association? Gold Coast library runs many writing groups too. By all means come to the Coffee Club but I can’t promise you anymore at this stage. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Pam

    Hi Karen!

    This is an awesome website! I pray you get a publisher because I want to READ everything.

    I too am a writer, but I’ll never write the GAN (Great American Novel). I really love to write though. It helps me keep things in perspective.

    So glad we are friends on FB!


  • Thanks Pam, I’m glad we’ve met and connected. We seem to have more and more in common. Good luck with your writing too. Cheers, Karen :)) PS Trying like crazy to get this book Published !!

  • karen tyrrell

    Hi Karen how are the letters going? Hope things are continuing to go well for you and that you will have a publisher soon. Feel sure that one of them will recognise the talent you obviously have!

    Take care

    Karen Tyrrell
    Christchurch New Zealand (cousin)

  • Hi Karen, I’m trying my hardest to find a Publisher. There’s a Special One out there for Me. Just waiting to connect … Karen :))

  • Mitchell

    Hi Karen

    We spoke on the phone on thursday afternoon regarding the volunteer marketing/writing opportunities with the organisation.

    Would you mind getting in touch (phone or email) again as I never got your contact details.

    Thanks Karen

  • Thanks Mitchell, for speaking to me yesterday. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Karen :))

  • Hi Jan, It’s been a busy month and its only half-way through. Hope you’ll be able to attend the Logan Art Gallery EXPO on the 31st July, 2-4pm …Karen :))


    good morning karen,
    how do i go about meeting you in person to pitch some fabulous ideas?
    your contact site, gives no email address or phone, unless its in code…are you susceptible to good looking artists with mega talent?
    have muscles but no tattoos…interested?

  • Hi Adam,
    I don’t meet strangers in face-to-face meetings. If you are a Writer, a Reader or interested in mental health issues you may email me at
    My contact details are at the top of the contact page. cheers, Karen :))

  • Yay, indeed, on the funding, Karen – well-done. Drinks are on you 🙂

  • Hi David, I didn’t want to tell you I didn’t get the Arts Queensland grant. Just hoped and prayed Logan council would come through. And they did:))

  • karen tyrrell

    Hi Karen good luck with the Logan writers festival this week I hope that it will bring some publishers interested in reviewing and publishing your book. Have a great week.
    Karen Tyrrell
    Christchurh New Zealand

  • Thanks Karen, The festival is going beautifully. Hope this venture brings good luck and new challenges for everyone…Karen :))

  • Diane Tait

    Hi Karen, I met you at the Logan Writers Expo at Logan North Library last Saturday. Could you please email me some info. on how to join the Logan Writers Group and any other relevant information for a beginner article writer. I tried emailing you but it did not go through. Thanks, Diane Tait

  • Hi Diane,
    Thanks for contacting me. Been busy today sorting out a media interview. I’ll be emailing you soon with info. Cheers, Karen :))

  • karen tyrrell

    What great news that you may have a publishing deal for not one but three books! I always knew that you would succeed it is just a matter of time and I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you. Lots of luck

    Cousin Karen NZ

  • Hi Cuz Karen,
    I have one Kids Sci-fi book completed, the next nearly done and a third one planned. Its up to the publisher and the universe to act next …Karen :))

  • narelle alvaro

    Just checked out the website. So proud of you Karen. It takes guts to put yourself out there. Good luck with the publishing.

  • Hi Narelle,
    What a a lovely surprise to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words of support. Take care xx. Karen :))

  • karen tyrrell

    2010 May not have been as successful as you had hoped but there were certainly highs and lows. Getting your first publication published can not be an easy task you only have to look at how many of today’s major players struggled to get something published initially. Stick with it I feel sure that it is only a matter of time, banging on doors and not giving up that will make you succeed. Be the writer that constantly is on the phone, sending mails and eventually you must be listened to.

    All the very best for 2011 make this your year.Stay focused and keep those fingers tapping.
    Karen Tyrrell
    New Zealand

  • Thanks Karen, for your positive optimism and all your loyal support. I KNOW 2011 will be the Year for me …Karen :))

  • karen tyrrell

    Fantastic news regarding the overseas publisher as I said earlier this had to be your year. E mail me with all the details so pleased for you.

  • Thanks Cuz Karen. One of the biggest publishers in the world is keen on my Kids Sci-Fi book. Its such an incredible feeling :))

  • Denise Caines

    Hi Karen, I’m an Admin on the Facebook Mental Health Page and a fellow bi-plar sufferer.
    I would very much like to read your memoir/subscribe. Look forward to hearing from you!


  • Thanks Denise,
    A Publisher is considering my memoir now. Hope to hear something soon. Would you like me to send out my FREE monthly ME AND HER mental health newsletter? (150 words)
    With positive strategies on recovery and wellness? I can add you on the email list. Please let me know … Karen xx

  • terri middleton

    hi karen what a wonderfull website you have i am interested in purchasing any fact sheets you have to help my childrens school start there awesome adventure into the world of writing and publishing there own books thank you again from terri

  • Thanks Terri for all the your support here and on Facebook you’ve given me today. I’ve emailed you the character profile sheet to you FREE of charge. Good luck with creative writing at your school. I hope we can keep in contact :))

  • Jan Mills

    Congrats on being nominated for Best Oz Blog and Peoples Choice awards. Your hard work and achievements are something you can be proud of.
    Jan x

  • Thanks so much Jan. I’m excited about this too. If you’re interested, online voting is on Saturday :)) Karen x

  • vicki

    Karen where do I put the ”name’ to enter the comp?

  • Hi Vicki,
    Could you please go to the top Blog on the website mentioning the competition. At the very end of the Blog , Click on the tag #33 comments or whatever and a comment box will come up. Many thanks :))

  • Hi Karen,
    It was great to see you last weekend at the Logan Writers Meet. I found this link and thought you might like to read it. It’s all about building a platform which I know you are doing a workshop on soon.



  • Hi Renee, Fabulous chatting with you last Saturday. Very kind of you to think of me when you spotted this link. Much appreciated xx PS Talk to you soon about the CYA Conference

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