Bailey Beats the Blah ZOOMS out to Oz Schools

BLAST OFF! Bailey Beats the Blah *5 Star  REVIEW zoomed out to schools across Australia via the Teacher Librarian network.

A Teacher Librarian reviewed my empowering Mental Health picture book, Bailey Beats the Blah on The Bottom Shelf website with an incredible rap. She emailed the entire review to thousands of schools via the OZTL NET and NSW TL Network.

I’m bursting with pride, knowing Bailey Beats the Blah will be boosting KIDS self-esteem, coping skills and self-reliance.

I’ve dedicated my life as a passionate mental health advocate since my recovery from long term parent-teacher abuse triggering bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

I published my Award winning resilience MEMOIRS …

Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness My journey into and out of Madness

Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery  My Journey Back from INSANITY … and His from Depression.

Check out Bailey’s REVIEW…

Bailey has moved to a new school and he HATES it. He drags himself around the house … feeling worse and worse as the time to leave gets closer. He has a real dose of the BLAHs. Even his dog can’t cheer him up. But this isn’t just a case of Monday-it is

Bailey is lonely and isolated and he thinks all the other kids are laughing at him and whispering about him. How can Bailey change his blah to ha-ha-ha?’

Author Karen Tyrrell has taken a very common situation and turned it into a story that will resonate with Baileys (and Barbara’s) across the nation …’

Many children in new schools are trying to find their feet in a new environment and create new friendship groups amongst kids… For many, there is no hope they will ever break the code of friendship …they beat themselves up and drive themselves down into what can develop into childhood depression. ‘

A strong message in this book … scope for discussion about how we can make newcomers welcome particularly in situations like school where there is no choice about attending … Opportunity to help students develop empathy and compassion and the skills to reach out warmly to newcomers, embracing them rather than isolating them.

Opportunity to help students look within themselves for their own strengths and how they might use these to build their self-worth and help others. ‘

A visit to her website shows she’s a strong advocate for kids’ mental health and in Bailey Beats the Blah. Having travelled her own personal path of a psychiatric illness after being so harassed by parents Karen could take it no longer, she is now making mental health a focus through her writing.  A percentage of the profits of the book are going to Kids Helpline

‘A real sense that this character could be Any Child at Any School.’

Very timely purchase for a school collection … so they can touch base with all their new students and see how they’re settling in, and, like Miss Darling, intervene if necessary.

For those in Australia it is aligned to the Kids Matter program but it should have a place in every health program.”

Bailey Beats the Blah is available on Amazon in print and ebook HERE

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Read the FULL Review HERE

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WHERE: Can schools purchase a copy of Bailey Beats the Blah?

1. Direct from the Author at $16.99 a signed copy including postage anywhere in Australia. Ready for immediate delivery … Please leave a comment on my contact page.

2. From bookshops … Black Cat Paddington, Riverbend Brisbane , The Really Good Book Shop Hillcrest.

MORE book shops coming soon 🙂

3. From Amazon in ebook or print 

4. From Library suppliers

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