Writing Moods

Woke up feeling BLAH … couldn’t write, couldn’t edit … couldn’t do anything.
My self-esteem plummeted, thinking I had developed Writers Block overnight.

Yesterday I had such an amazing writing day, achieving everything I set out to achieve.
How can this be? Two Days … two different writing moods.

Luckily by the afternoon, I perked up and asked myself … What CAN I do today?
… I CAN write a Blog.

So many writers I know have fallen into BLACK HOLE writing days, paralysed by their moods and emotions.
And FEAR is the most crippling emotion of all.
Fear of success. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of NOT being able to write.
And I’m one of those writers.

How can we overcome this FEAR and minimise our BLACK days?

Just as an athlete does resilience training, we too as writers must learn techniques to strengthen ourselves against Negative writing moods.

So I’ve researched ways to boost our chances of a POSITIVE writing Day.
•    Positive Self Talk … what we tell ourselves we can do … we can

•    Surround ourselves with a supportive network of writers and friends who encourage us when we’re down.

•    Keep healthy. Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water. If we’re sick … we can’t write.

•    Keep fit … Walking in the morning is a great Kick-starter not only to the brain but to the whole bloodstream

•    Write something everyday … anything … a blog, a journal, a book review, a critique … even if we can’t face THE Story.

•    Pace ourselves by setting realistic goals and moving towards them.

Tomorrow morning, if I wake up feeling BLAH … I’m geeing myself up with a Walk and one of those little positive Self-Talks …

“I can write this. I can.”

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16 comments to Writing Moods

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Great attitude, Karen. Maybe you just overdid it yesterday. Glad you are taking a positive approach when you wake up feeling ‘blah’. Take it easy. Joanna :))

  • Angela Slatter

    And on the days you can’t write, read.

  • You hit a chord with me on this aspect of life/writing, Karen.
    Yes, we can do it! And Yes, We’ve got what it takes!

  • Thanx Joanna, I have more of those days that I’d like to admit … But I know that an early morning Walk/Talk helps me to focus. cheers, Karen :))

  • Hi Angela, I do! Reading for me is filling my Writing Soul with Fuel when its on empty :)) Karen

  • Hi Carol, nice to see you here! Nothing like that positive Self-Talk to lift you up … YES WE CAN DO IT!! … Karen :))

  • This is GREAT advice, Karen. I’m inspired! Yes, exercise does help get the creative juices flowing. And writing SOMETHING every day helps. READING is great inspiration too. If the author you’re reading can do it, so can you!
    Thanks Karen 🙂

  • Marjorie Sawyer

    Hi Karen, The fear of writing seems to be more common than I realized. I fight the fear every day. Cheers, Marj

  • Hi Maggie, That’s right about the Authors we read … THEY DID IT. I wish you well with your Dark Fantasy Novel … YOU CAN DO IT! … Karen :))

  • Hi Marjorie, I agree THE FEAR is fairly widespread amongst Writers … All we can do is make ourselves more RESILIENT! Cheers, Karen :))

  • Hi Karen,

    Wise words indeed. Writers block, fears, black holes. It appears that you have been inside my head!

  • Hi Jenny, nice surprise to see you here. Just checked out your Websites. I’m very impressed … I think if Writers were honest, they’d admit to all those Negative Writing Moods … Karen :))

  • I’m with Angela – if I struggle to write, it usually means I’m not reading enough.

  • Hi Lyn, so true. Its funny … after I spend a day of Reading on a a Non-Writing day, its usually easier to get going the next day. Karen :))

  • On the days my brain refuses to be creative I read. That inspires me to write again. (Or just go shopping and to lunch with a friend or my daughter – that helps too.)

  • Hi Elaine, You too have learnt that Reading and ‘having a life’ can do wonders for the Creative Mind … I wish you well with your novel. Cheers, Karen:))

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