Fast Furious Advice

“Any day now the Publisher will contact me!”
Those positive words resonated in my mind engulfing other thoughts.
I visualised myself signing THAT Publishing Contract, staring at the shiny cover of my book, Me and Her, organising book launches where I autograph copies for my readers.
Flying from city to city.
Dreams … Magnificent, exquisite daydreams pervading my hours and my attentions.

This week, I went through the motions of Editing and Rewriting my Crime novel, Sayonara, reworking scenes and settings, painting them with multi-dimensional brush.
… My concentration blissfully wandering off to the possibility of a Publishing Contract.
It could really happen! It could.
Visualising my next steps … how I’ll entice an agent to represent me … what Rewrites I’ll have to do.

Alas, I’m an entranced spirit wandering in a state of inertia, gliding somewhere between future hopes and day-to-day writing realities.

Writers are always waiting for something to happen. News from Agents. From Publishers. From booksellers
And I’m waiting for a life-changing decision.

Last night JJ Cooper author of the thriller, The Interrogator advised me.

“Stay determined. Every step of publishing is all about – The Wait.”

Today Angela Slatter of QWC suggested that I give The Publisher and The Agent some breathing space to make their decisions … I’ll try. I really will.

In the meantime … Hurry up Mr Publisher!
What is your verdict? Please put me out of my Misery so I can concentrate.

This post has been updated and edited.

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14 comments to Fast Furious Advice

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Hang in there, Karen. The Waiting Game. So true. Fantastic that you are keeping busy with all your rewriting and editing of ‘Sayonara’. It’s a tough time for you. Everything will be fine — whatever happens. Take a deep breath. You’re coming down the straight.
    Joanna :))

  • I made the comment sometime ago that for writers the publlishing game is more about waiting than writing and I’m now convinced I am right. It’s all about small steps and the waiting in between. Good luck I hope you hear soon.

  • Angela Sunde

    You will be published sooner or later, so go ahead and plan your book launch. Decide who to invite, where it will be, what food if any, your witty/moving speech, who will launch it, whether to have a theme etc. That’s a load of fun and you’ll be sending positive vibes out there.


  • Keep your head about you and as focused as you always are, Karen. Whatever the outcome, there are lessons to be learned. Sending you positive publishing vibes! Cheers, Carls 🙂

  • Thanx Joanna. My imagination is working overtime. I often break out into an Almighty grin thinking about the possibilities :)) Karen

  • Hi Elaine. When I first started writing my memoir four years ago, I had no idea of the Waiting process. You are so right about small steps and the waiting inbetween. Cheers. Karen:))

  • Thanx Carls for the Positive Vibes. You know more than anybody what positivity can do. Karen:))

  • Hi Angela, I LOVE thinking about my Book Launch. Your ideas have sparked more dreamy Images. Heck I forgot about the Food! LOL … Cheers,Karen:))

  • Thanks for the mention, Karen. It can be an extremely frustrating, and exhilarating business all wrapped up in one.

    Ever mindlessly surf the net whilst hitting ‘refresh’ on your emails? All writers have, and still do. I know international bestselling authors who still agonise over ‘the wait’ to hear from their agent/publisher/publicist/marketing manager etc.

    ‘The Wait’ is like an addiction that can grab you and ruin you. Or, you can admit your addiction and seek treatment. Treatment = keep writing and building your business (platform/marketing/networking/blogging etc).

    Writing is a disciplined process in my opinion and so is the publishing process. I started my second book whilst on submission – glad I did because I would never have made the deadline.

    I recently submitted my second book and you guessed it – had to wait until my agent and publisher finished reading it for feedback. Now while I ‘wait’ for a few other editors to read it, I’ve started book three.

    Stay determined.


  • JJ, I’m definitely addicted to The Wait. I leave my Email box open while I’m Writing so I can see when a new one has arrived!! I guess the best Cure for the Addiction is keeping busy with the next project. Thanx for your advice and support. Cheers, Karen:))

  • Angie

    Try and enjoy the journey……the rewards will be there at the end!

  • Hi Ange, I’m trying to Enjoy the journey. But its that “Inpatient Side” of me that I need to tame. Cheers, Karen:))

  • Start a new story, Karen! Anything to try to get your focus off the one with the publisher – they can’t be hurried, even though it’s painful to wait and wait and wait. Show them how good a client you could be by being patient.
    Now if you’re waiting for 12 months I’d say ring them up – so as everyone paraphrases, just ‘go with the flow’. And enjoy the journey! Take care, Sheryl (who speaks with the voice of experience, lol)

  • Thanx so much Sheryl! Great advice. I’ve started this week with a better attitude and have dropped by obsessive checking of Emails and Phone messages. I’m busy Editing and Rewriting my Crime Novel. Cheers, Karen:))

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