Supanova Showcases Song Bird Superhero

supanovaSupanova Pop Culture EXPO will host my book exhibition.  Come meet Song Bird Superhero, Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra and Jo-Kin Battles the It.  PLUS all my books to empower you to live strong.

I’m so fired-up, I could explode into a zillion stars!

Supanova fans: assemble your geek squad!

Supanova Brisbane 2016 is coming! Jam-packed with scifi and fantasy superheroes from the screen and your imagination!

I’m SUPER excited to bring my original children’s superhero books to Supanova Brisbane.

What’s SUPER about Song Bird Superhero?

Winners Song Bird

Song Bird Superhero launches a female superhero for girls 6-12. Song Bird AKA Rosella Ava Bird vs Frank Furter, evil child genius and mad scientist.

Rosie  inspires us to believe in ourselves and fly high.

Steve and Karen Tyrrell will dress in cosplay. Me as Song Bird Superhero, Steve as THOR.

What’s SUPER about Jo-Kin: Super Space Kid?


Joshua Atkins AKA Jo-Kin and the Super Space kids must save the galaxy from LORD TERRA.   From books Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra and Jo-Kin Battles the It.

Can he defeat the IT and Lord Terra?

 WHO are the SUPER Star Actors ?


Meet Nathan Fillion from Castle, Firefly and Serenity

Meet Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars and Cinderella Story … and MORE!

WHO are the SUPER STAR authors ?


MEET Kim Wilkins, author of Sisters of the Fire and Daughters of the Storm.

Meet Matthew Reilly, author of the Scarecrow and Jack West novels.

Angela Slatter author of Vigil.

Meet hundreds of SUPER Stars!

MEET me at SUPANOVA 11-13 November

Song Bird Superhero

Karen Tyrrell as Song Bird Superhero

My stall is called SUPER Hero Books for Kids.

Go to #29 Artists Alley,  close to Comic Book Supa Stars and Imagineer’s playground.

Brisbane Convention Centre, Merivale and  Glenelg Street, South Brisbane.

 Connect with Me: Karen Tyrrell

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Buy Song Bird Superhero & Jo-Kin series at cool prices

Super Space Kids SeriesI’ll selling Song Bird & Jo-Kin at super cool prices !

Get a selfie with me and THOR … Get a Song Bird Superhero certified stamp on your book or your hand.

 HOW do you Book your ticket?

Supanova is FREE for kids under 12 accompanied by a paying adult.

Tickets for Supanova 2016 Brisbane Expo are on sale NOW!
Head to to purchase online.

WHO’s going to Supanova? 

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2 comments to Supanova Showcases Song Bird Superhero

  • Elena Marshall

    Looks like fun Karen , the kids are pestering me to go to supanova this year so definately will
    Be dropping by to see you to buy a book

  • Hi Elena,
    WOW! That’s awesome news! Can’t wait to meet you and your kids again… See Ya next weekend 11-13 November …Karen 🙂

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