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A.Sunde.Snap.Magic.DuoMeet Angela Sunde, Gold Coast author and illustrator … and her new children’s fantasy novel Snap Magic.

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Q. What does embarrassing tween secrets, Halloween magic and pumpkin soup have in common?
A. Angela Sunde’s bewitchingly funny children’s novel Snap Magic for mid-graders 9-12, sequel to Pond Magic.

SNAP Magic: Magically Mysterious and enchantingly funny…

Twelve -year-old Lily Padd’s life has turned ALL weird. Long black hairs germinated from her chin. Her best friend Maureen is turning into a hairy Marmalade Cat. And Rick Bastek, the school bully is making her life sheer hell.

Can life get any worse for Lily Padd?
Well it can!

Lily Padd is infatuated with a cute new boy named Storm. She dreams of hanging out with him at the school Halloween Dance.
But how’s that ever going to happen?

Not when the prettiest and meanest girl in class, Ellen Middleton is threatening to tell the whole school Lily’s embarrassing secrets!
And her next door neighbour, Mrs Swan is a witch on a mission.

Find out if Lily Padd survives this magical pandemonium and goes to the Halloween Dance!
THEMES: Trust, fears,  bullying, onset of puberty, embarrassing parents, humour,  consequences.

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Tuesday 14. Sheryl Gwyther

Wednesday 15. Robyn Opie
                        Karen Tyrrell

Thursday 16. Alison Reynolds

Friday 17. Chris Bell – From Hook to Book

Saturday 18. Boomerang Books Blog

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16 comments to Snap Magic Review Book Giveaway

  • Alison Lyons

    This looks like a fun kids book!

  • Sure is!
    Thanks Alison, for leaving a comment. Good luck with the book giveaway … Karen 🙂

  • Melissa

    Sounds like a fun, exciting book to captivate children’s imaginations and inspire them with courage 🙂

  • Hi Melissa, Yes Snap Magic is a FUN read for kids and grown ups alike.
    Good luck in the competition … Karen 🙂
    PS Is that you Melissa Walsh?

  • Jacqui Halpin

    Sounds like a bewitching book. 🙂

  • I’ll be buying this book for my grandkids, they will love it, but I’ll have to get one for me too 😛

  • Kitty Barry

    Love love love enchanting childrens books- who doesn’t like a bit of magic!! Looks and sounds great : ))

  • I not only love the teaser description of this book, I love the rich print book cover design which also pulls the perspective reader’s eyes toward the book giving the reader a greater thirst to pull it from the bookshelf to read.

    In addition, I love the fact the author focused on real issues for this particular age group. My daughter has reached this stage in her life. Books with storylines/messages to help children at this stage of their lives are appreciated, and to be told with humor just makes it much nicer.

    Best of luck to you during niche marketing. I wish you all the best as you help children laugh, appreciate growth, change and maturation in such fun carefree way.

    Cherrye S. Vasquez


    This book looks fantastic! Shared on my twitter 🙂 and will add to my blog this weekend. Fantasy writers have all the best fun!


    Kids (and adults) can never have enough books on magic, friendship and bravery! This one looks fantastuc 🙂

  • Michelle Dennis

    Fantastic book!Looks like something I’d love to read and keep on my bookshelf.

  • Steph L

    Hi Angela
    Congratulations on your new book and have fun on the blog tour. If I don’t win a free copy for my girls, I will get them one for Christmas anyway. Perfect xmas gifts for my nieces as well.

    Hi Karen, gold star for always supporting new book releases on your blog.


  • Karen Fowles

    Looks fantastically fun! I’d love a copy…

  • Tricia Williamson

    My nieces would love this book!!

  • Sounds like a spellbinding romp! Look forward to reading it!!

  • The description of the book sounds amazing and the cover looks amazing, very kid friendly. Would love to read it to my students!

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