How I Manage Mental Illness

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Karen Tyrrell: Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery

I proudly shared my victory over parent-teacher bullying, bipolar disorder and PTSD with a mental health forum, to help those struggling with mental illness.

Kasia O’Shea, a manager at Richmond Fellowship  Queensland had requested I reveal my personal story behind Me & Her: A  Memoir of Madness and the sequel Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery, focusing on recovery and wellness.


Karen Tyrrell & Richmond Fellowship member Anna

WHO is the Richmond Fellowship?

Richmond Fellowship is a passionate community-owned organization mentoring people facing mental health challenges and social disadvantage. Richmond Fellowship supports people to recover their future by inspiring hope and empowerment.

logo1I shared my  “lived experience” with the audience …
“Parents at my school bullied and tormented me wielding psychological, verbal and written abuse.  I became severely anxious and sleep deprived which then triggered post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder.”

Tears trickled down my face turning into murky rivulets of black mascara as I relived the trauma of my decline and disintegration into mental illness.

Then something unbelievable happened …
A chorus of support rang out from the audience. ‘Don’t worry … You’ll be OK… It’s alright.’

Their compassionate words touched my heart.
I patted my cheeks, soldiering on, sharing coping skills and how I stay well.
Here’s a glimpse of my coping skills…

TOP #5 Tips to Manage Bipolar and PTSD

1.    ACCEPT your diagnosis, learning everything about recovery, resilience and how to keep well. Read inspiring books on how to triumph over your illness.

2.    CREATE your own personal wellness plan, incorporating pro-active coping skills

3.    UPLIFT your day with a morning brisk walk filled with gratitude, mindfulness and positive self-talk.

4.    SLEEP better with a calming pre-sleep routine including meditation and slow deep breathing.

5.    ENLIST a support team of friends, family, doctors and counselors, who’ll ensure you keep on track.


Kasia, Melissa, Anna, myself & CEO Kingsley Bedwell

I’m so proud when  the staff and “those struggling” came over to shake my hand, thanking me for sharing my coping skills,  giving them hope.

READ my Award winning Mental Health books …

9780987274007           KarenTyrrell-Me-And-Him-Cover-WebUse-LgeMe & Her: A  Memoir of Madness by Karen Tyrrell. My victory over parent-teacher bullying, bipolar and PTSD with *5 star reviews from CEOS and psychologists.

Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery by Karen Tyrrell. Self-help manual with practical wellness advice to how to beat depression, anxiety and insomnia … to find your happiness.

NEWS: I received Finalist in the mental health achievement awards HERE

You CAN manage your mental illness with coping skills! I did!

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2 comments to How I Manage Mental Illness

  • Steve Tyrrell

    Accolades to the Richmond Fellowship, what a great service service they provide to mentally unwell people, safe venues and opportunities where they can vent, share and learn from each other , facilitators and presenters. So amazed at the positive responses from the attendees, great work to you too Karen

  • Hi Steve,
    Thanks for helping me to receiver and being my #1 supporter
    Thanks too being my “Roadie” driving me to these speaking events, so I can share my “Lived Experience”…
    BIG Congratulations to the Richmond Fellowship for the incredible work they do in the community! Karen 🙂

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