Roses Are Blue REVIEW + Book Giveaway

Roses-are-BlueRoses Are Blue
by Sally Murphy, illustrated by Gabriel Evans
ISBN: 9781922244376

What if your  Mum was different from everyone else’s?
I mean embarrassingly different…

Amber Rose’s enchanted world has come to an end.  First her mother is injured in a tragic accident.  She’s not the same anymore.

Amber and her family are struggling to cope with all the changes: A new home, a new school and new friends.  And now Amber must make the decision of her life.

Award-winning author Sally Murphy delivers a heart-warming story dealing with grief, tragedy, and change … But resilience, the importance of family and hope suddenly shines through in the darkness.

Roses are Blue delivers a powerfully written verse novel for  primary school children, perfect for reading out aloud. Sensitively illustrated by newcomer Gabriel Evans in ink and charcoal to make Roses are Blue a graphic illustrated novel.

Superbly written in short striking sentences for children to read and empathize with Amber …

I have not got used to my new mum.
Even though I love her
(I absolutely love her),
I miss my happy,
smiling mum.

I highly recommend Roses Are Blue for children, families, teachers, librarians and school counselors.

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Book Giveaway

I’m giving away a FREE print copy of Roses are Blue. Please comment below on why you’d like to win. Closes July 31st. Winner announced August 1st. … Good luck 🙂

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29 comments to Roses Are Blue REVIEW + Book Giveaway

  • Thank you for the lovely review, Karen and for being part of the Roses are Blue blog tour.

  • Chris Titheradge

    I went though this experience as an adult when my Dad got Alzheimer’s, it was hard when we started loosing little bits of him (personality) & then completely, he could not talk at the end but this book would of been useful for my children who couldn’t understand why their poppy couldn’t fish or play soccer with them anymore. It was a tough journey & very difficult to experience & more so for my little ones who couldn’t understand. Great review on this book Karen…

  • Hi Sally,
    I’m thrilled to be part of your Blog Tour,
    Especially to be able to read and review it. Roses Are Blue took me by surprise. I was enchanted by the heart-felt power of this little book and overwhelmed by the superb word craft. … Karen 🙂

  • Hi Chris,
    Thanks for sharing your heart-felt experience with your Dad’s Dementia. Hope Roses are Blue offers your children some light and understanding… Karen 🙂

  • Michale L Missasi

    It like the way it’s written in verse. Being different is the theme of the story and that’s a nice way to compliment it. I’m guessing her mother has a brain injury and is unable to do the things she used to enjoy in her life and with her family. Resilience is key to recovery for so many things in life. Sounds like a wonderful book.

  • Hi Michale,
    You’re right about That! Roses Are Blue is such a touching book that shares the good times and the sad times equally well … Karen 🙂

  • Congratulations, Sally on what looks like a brave story and one that will offer an insight into loss and change. I am a fan of verse novels and would love to read this book and then share with my daughters. Thanks for hosting, Karen.

  • Agree it is a great book. I have a few questions Sally has answered as well as a review planned for my blog on Friday. Please don’t enter me in the draw though Karen as I already have my lovely copy.

  • Hi Kaye, Thanks so much for dropping by with your kind words of support. Your girls will LOVE Roses Are Blue. good luck in the competition … Karen 🙂

  • Hi Dale,
    Thanks for popping over here to support Sally. I’ll check out your interview on Friday. CYA then … Karen 🙂

  • It looks enchanting. I’d love to win a copy so I could donate it to my son’s school library. They don’t have a lot of books and I’ve been trying to help them out with that.

  • Hi Lynne,
    Thanks for checking out Sally Murphy’s latest verse novel Roses are Blue. Good luck with the competition …Karen 🙂

  • maat

    I would like to win so I could give it to the girl I’m nannying for this summer, as I’ve spent the last month urging her into reading and now she’s devouring books at a young-me-ish rate!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. You are a saint. xx

  • Hi Maat, Thanks for your support for Sally’s book Roses Are Blue. Sounds like you’re on a mission to help this young girl’s reading. Good luck … Karen 🙂

  • I don’t think I’ve ever read a verse novel, I’d better change that!

  • Hi Rachel, Thanks for dropping by. Actually Sally Murphy’s written #3 verse novels and WON awards for them. Roses are Blue is her latest… Karen 🙂

  • Coral Emerson

    To open my eyes to another perspective…

  • Linda De

    I found it very difficult to find books like this for my kids. A teacher, another adult or reading it in a book tends to be believed more.. Not just mammy trying to make everything ok.
    Thanks for sharing

  • Diana O

    ‘Perfect for reading out aloud’, this is exactly what is needed for my niece to keep the fun and enjoyment in reading so she doesn’t give up. She’s come so far.

  • My daughter’s just started school and an avid reader and I know she’d love to read this to her baby brother!

  • Nic T

    It’s my toddler’s b’day in Sept and this would be a lovely present!

  • Cheryl Moulton

    I think anything that encourages children to read is important, and this story has other lessons as well, helping our children to understand that things change and not everyone is the same, some have different skin colour, customs, languages or disabilities.

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  • Thanks everyone for dropping by and commenting. Good luck with the competition draw!

  • […] tour started last Tuesday, when  Karen Tyrell’s reviewed Roses on her blog, describing the book […]

  • Skye D

    I love reading stories like this to my son, and this book looks beautiful. I guess just like all parents I would love for him to grow up to be a compassionate, caring person and I try to find ways everyday for him to see that. Through words, actions and books of course!

  • Connie Saunders

    As a recently retired librarian I Recognize the need for a book on this subject that is written for this age level. As a grandmother, I think that this would be a wonderful way to introduce my granddaughter to this subject matter. Thank you for this giveaway.
    Connie Saunders

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