Reviews STOP the Bully

Launched  @ Black Cat Brisbane

Launched @ Black Cat Books Brisbane

I’m transmitting positive Book Karma out to the universe. REVIEWS for STOP the Bully, empowering children’s book with positive bully prevention strategies have arrived!!

With arms out-stretched, I’m embracing these Reviews, praying STOP the Bully will help children across the globe.

Stop the Bully is supported by Teachers and school counselors, aligned with Kids Matter Australian Education curriculum.

STOP the Bully was launched at Black Cat Books Paddington to a full house of writers, teachers, school counselors, mums, dads, and  Taekwondo KIDS … I’m so lucky!

Readers rushed home to read STOP the Bully straight way, later sharing their reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

STOP the Bully Mini-Reviews

‘STOP the Bully offers readers specific strategies for dealing with bullying at school’
Kids Book Review

‘My kids couldn’t put this book down!  Clever characterization and compelling storyline.’
Michael Hardie, Children’s mental health promotion specialist.

Brian’s story helps children discover and embrace their own power, even when they find themselves in the role of the victim. Stop the Bully is a story of adventure, compassion, and hope.
Alison Stegert, School Counsellor & Life Skills Curriculum Creator

‘Brian’s story is one that can begin great discussions about bullying from all points of view in classrooms and at home — Nicky Johnston,  author & Mental Health advocate

11year old Brian has enough to deal with after his family breaks up, he changes school and he’s hiding aperf5.000x8.000.indd secret. But things get worse for him. Now there’s a bully picking on him every chance he gets. Brian is miserable…What can he do? He can’t possibly fight back.  Charmaine Clancy, Author & teacher

‘What I really like about the book is that it is not just a ‘how to’ manual but a gripping, well written story that has you turning the pages to see what happens next.’ Robyn Collins, Author & teacher

‘Aimed at kids who find themselves in situations they can’t handle, and gives ideas about how to fight back, how to STOP the BULLY.’ Jill Smith,  Author & Reviewer

‘Page turner for young readers … Moving, compelling and realistic story.’       Brenda Perlin, Author & anti-bullying campaigner

‘What Karen Tyrrell has created with this story is clever strategies in a fictional story that takes me back to some situations I faced as a kid. Well done Karen Tyrrell, you are a master story teller. ‘ Annie Clarke, Author & Mum

‘Karen uses her experiences both as a teacher and a survivor of bullying herself to illustrate accessible ways to tackle bullying. This is an important and worthwhile resource that teaches resilience, respect and empathy.’ Gene Flynn, Writer & Mum

To read the FULL Reviews please go  HERE

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