Reviews STOP the Bully Round 2

STOP the bully

STOP the Bully by Karen Tyrrell

YAY! NEW exciting reviews have arrived for STOP the Bully, my empowering novel to help prevent bullying in Schools.

BLURB: 11-year-old Brian’s life is falling apart. His Mum and dad split up. Now a bully is tormenting him and his little sister at school.

HOW can Brian STOP the Bully?

THEMES: bullying, self-esteem, friendship, family relationships, poverty, coping skills, consequences and humour.

STOP the Bully received a mental health achievement award together with books: Bailey Beats the Blah and Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery. STOP the Bully supported by mental health CEOS, teachers and school counselors, aligned with Kids Matter national curriculum.

A book for every child.

Reviews STOP the Bully: Round 2

‘If you’re being bullied, it’s important to talk to someone you trust about what’s going on. Talk to an adult and/or a friend with whom you feel safe, or contact Kids Helpline at 1800 55 1800’ — Louise Davis: Kids Helpline

‘This junior novel empowers girls and boys with strategies to use when they are being bullied. The story explores the bullying dilemma from all perspectives providing opportunities for conversation and reflection with children.’– Queensland Children’s Activity Network (QCAN)  

‘Teaches strategies for those being bullied … Raises awareness for those to support those being bullied.  All round helpful resource.’ — Karen Neaton: Nurse

‘Ms Tyrrell drew me into Brian’s plight from the get go. The emotions Brian goes through were right on par with what kids feel when they are bullied. Helpless, hopeless, with no end in sight … Kids will really identify with Brian and his friends plight and the ways that they overcome the bullying, strategies that every classroom should adopt. An engaging and informative read’ — Creative Kids Tales: Julie Grasso

‘STOP the Bully teaches kids how to overcome bullying. Chock filled with assertive solutions in an action-packed adventure kids will love. The thought provoking twist at the end was completely unexpected. 5 stars!’ — Nolan Reed: University student

‘Stop the Bully’s characters are engaging … The Bully’s not painted as a ‘bad to the core’ person, but rather as someone who may have issues of their own that need to be dealt with… The strength of friendship, school and family support, also play an important role in Stop the Bully. —Melanie Hill: Author

‘There should be more books like this! Books on bullying only deal with one side of the story, but Karen’s book deals with both. I believe it is a very useful resource for primary school children and what the heck; it is a fun book to read.’– Denise Covey: Author

‘Fun & heart-warming: Shows boys and girls awareness of both sides of bullying. This book is an important tool for any child, teacher & parent.’ —Michelle Dennis: Author

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