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I’m celebrating! My first 5 STAR Reviews of Bailey Beats the Blah … have arrived just before my launch at Blackcat Books on October 26 at 1pm!

Bailey Beats the Blah empowers kids to overcome worry thoughts and sad days, building self-esteem and self-reliance.

ALL kids feel a little sad sometimes and need resilience and coping skills to keep them happy and motivated.

Reading Bailey springboards empowering discussions and self-awareness.

FREE teacher notes and FREE children’s activities will be available this week.

Bailey Beats the BLAH is supported by Kids Matter, NATIONAL educational program and Kids Help Line counseling service.

Please check out Reviews  from Kids Book Review, school counselors & teachers.

Kids Book Review…       

“Feeling disconnected and alone at school can have such a profound impact on how children approach life in general. With a simple message and warm, appealing illustrations, Bailey Beats the Blah shows that building friendships and taking an active part in school activities can make a world of difference, both for the child themselves and for those around them.”

Alison Stegert: School Counsellor…

“Bailey Beats the Blah is a gorgeous book for everyone, but especially for young children who struggle with anxiety. The story tells how one little boy pushes through his fears and all the icky associated thoughts, feelings, and sensations, and manages to have a great day.

I will use Bailey Beats the Blah in my work as a school counsellor, knowing the children will enjoy the pictures and be encouraged by Bailey’s story. Well done Karen on providing such a lovely resource and story.”

Dimity Powell: reviewer Boomerang Books…

“Sad, bad, BLAH days need not be the norm, no matter who you are. Bailey beats the Blah, is a brave and positive step forward in restoring mental resilience and emotional strength in kids everywhere by the unflinching advocate of mental well-being, Karen Tyrrell.

Judi Stroud: Teacher and Writer

Bailey Beats the Blah has the power to enrich young lives by developing children’s emotional control. I can strongly recommend Karen Tyrrell as not only an author with a valuable message, but as a very experienced teacher who knows how to captivate any young audience and keep them enthralled.
Karen’s new book has a deeply personal theme which fulfils the needs of primary curriculum requirements for social development. Bailey Beats the Blah is a book which can strengthen school values and morale by empowering young lives.”

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