Bailey Beats the Blah has Arrived!

SQUEE! Bailey Beats the BLAH has finally arrived from USA after weeks of waiting … and waiting.

In just ten days, I’ll launch Bailey Beats the Blah, picture book to builds kid’s self-esteem and resilience skills at BlackCat Books Paddington.

This morning a truck pulled up on my driveway. My heart pattered fast. I sprinted outside to greet the driver, an enormous grin stretching across my face. The driver recognized me from six months ago when she delivered …

Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery …

a teacher’s journey back from harassment and Insanity.

I rushed inside, tore open the boxes, holding my breath with anticipation. I snatched up a copy, sniffing the ink. Every emblazoned word shouted out to me.  Aaron Pocock’s vibrant illustrations popped right off the page. Perfect. Just like I had imagined. But more striking.

What’s Bailey Beats the Blah about?  

Bailey hates his new school. He has no friends. His dog Fuzzy slobbers all over him. BLAH!
How can Bailey change his BLAH to HA-HA-HA!
Bailey empowers kids to overcome worry thoughts and sad days, building self-esteem and self-reliance.

Supported by Kids Help Line & aligned with Kids Matter school program.

Bailey Beats the Blah is NOW at  BlackCat Books Paddington

179 La Trobe Terrace, Paddington

Today I ferried over copies of Bailey Beats the Blah, plus my brand-new bookmarks and my eye-catching purple banner.

All Ready  for my outrageously FUN launch on October 26 1pm MC’d by Dimity Powell

Please ring 3367  8777 to reserve a seat

Special Pre- Launch offer to the first #10 Aussie friends

I will send you a signed copy of Bailey Beats the Blah for only $16.95 including postage.

PLUS : a goody bag with a Bailey bookmark, Bailey postcard, special fridge magnet, stickers and wallet card courtesy of Kids Help Line.

This offer is limited so please order ASAP. ( Australian residents Only)

Can’t wait to share Bailey Beats the Blah with all my friends and their kids.

Please tell every parent, teacher and kid you know that BAILEY has arrived!

CLICK the Face book LIKE, Tweet and Google plus buttons… Please your order below.

PS Thanks for ALL the Pre-orders for Bailey Beats the Blah (over 80)… I will be posting to you ASAP 🙂


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7 comments to Bailey Beats the Blah has Arrived!

  • Leah rath

    Congratulations Karen…we so need this book for my 8 year old grandson..he is on the Autism spectrum ,he is being treated by the mental Health people and doctors and we get all we can from the library’s …we want to do everything we can for this sweet loveable little boy ..good luck with the sales of your book Hun xx

  • Laarni/Belladonna

    Hi Karen,
    I would absolutely LOVE a signed copy of Bailey Beats the BLAH! Please let me know how I can order a copy.

  • Thanks so much Leah,
    Bailey will help your grandson especially if you follow up with discussion via Teachers notes and downloadable activities coming next week.
    I’ll email you soon with my banking details and ask you to send your address.
    Sending hugs,
    Karen x

  • Thanks so much Laarni,
    I’ll email you soon with my banking details and ask you to send your address.
    Sending warm hugs,
    Karen x

  • annette

    hi Karen,
    I’m excited for you .. would love a copy of Bailey beats the BLAH !!!!
    please email your bank details when you get a chance… cheers for now
    Annette x

  • Hi Annette, lovely to meet you here. Just checking : do you live in Australia? as this offer is only for Australians. Please let me know … Karen 🙂

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