WRITERS: How to Prime yourself for the Publishing Race

The race to publishing is the most frustrating, the most daunting and the most exhilarating experience imaginable. One week you’re a champion, ecstatic after receiving news your short story reached first place. The next week, you’re devastated your novel was rejected … All experiences I understand too well.

How can I balance out this manic depressive roller coaster ride called a Writing Career?

photo Salavatore Vuono

photo Salvatore Vuono

How can I make my writing moods and reactions more resilient?

•  Think of yourself as a marathon athlete in training. Write every single day.  Develop a pre-race plan.

•   Keep extremely busy. Finish one writing project, enter it into several competitions then start another.

•    Turn rejection letters around. Rethink. Rewrite. Resubmit.

•    Exercise not only curbs your stress but helps to percolate ideas.

•   Be positive. Smile, visualize your success until its real.

•   Achieve realistic goals. Always have plan B, C and D.

•    Keep grounded. Build strong personal relationships with family and friends.

When I’m down, dejected or rejected I turn to my writing pals for comfort and solace …Who but a writer understands? … Chomping on a chocolate bar and guzzling a glass of Shiraz certainly helps too.

How do I continue the Writing Race with strength and determination?

1. Believe in yourself and your writing. Visualize yourself as a *WINNER* signing books. Venture into book shops and locate a slot on the shelf where your books fits in … It’s not IF, it’s WHEN.

2.  Conquer that ‘little voice’ of self-doubt. Self-doubt can pressurize and paralyze a writer.  Say STOP to fear and excuses. Replace negativity with positive thoughts and emotions.

3.  Rekindle your first passion and joy of writing. Relive every personal success. Tap into this JOY as a motivating force.

~ Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination. ~ Ralph Marston

With determination, I entered a new story into a writing competition this week and I visualized myself as a champion, winning the ultimate prize …

‘I propel myself over the finishing line, my chest thrust out to the roar of the crowd. I done it, I’ve won. On the podium I stand, my heart pattering as I accept my gold medal.

With my lips stretched into an almighty grin, I read the engraved words, Karen Tyrrell Author … my supreme victory.’

*Winning* is all about attitude and VISUALIZING  the dream.

We can ALL be Winners at something 🙂

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