How to Nurture your PICTURE BOOK Baby

i-love-picbooksYesterday I gave birth to my spanking NEW #3 picture book baby! A children’s story conceived from my family’s lived experience.

For months, story lines and plots gestated in my head until I no longer could contain them within. One last push and my creative offspring was finally out. Yesterday my newest picture book baby entered the world kicking and screaming, demanding attention.

Newborn words poured onto the page. My hand quickly scribbling. Impatiently scrawling until they gushed out. The first draft.  The first primal breath of a new book life.

Child-like dreams engulfed my imaginings. Visions of young children responding to the spoken word and the wondrous flow of language. Rhythm. Rhyme. Repetition. Series of three. Their little hands clasping onto the cover, turning over the pages.

Inspiring me to hone every line, every paragraph. To redraft. To rewrite. To perfect.

Today I typed my second draft and fine-tuned my story. Adding character names.  Adding SHOWING details.  Double checking I started at a dramatic pivotal point and traveled along a satisfying story arc.

How I love writing picture books! What other genre can you create the first and second draft in the same week?

When will I send my Book Baby out into the World?

Not yet. My third-born will need months of  researching. Rewriting.  Critiquing and reviewing. Every perfect word in its most perfect place. The next formative stages can’t be rushed. My book baby is completely dependent on me, to provide nurturing to grow to his full potential. To become an emotionally satisfying story to the Reader. That’s my aim.

Announcing … my bouncing baby BOY!

May I introduce my newest sibling in the child-centred The Rescue Kids picture book series, STEVIE TO THE RESCUE … Only 3 days into this world.

What about Books 1 & 2 you say?

RYAN TO THE RESCUE is 8 months old, and he’s almost there. He’s learned to crawl and he’ll  take his first wobbly transitional steps soon.

ALANA TO THE RESCUE, Ryan’s twin sibling, was an early developer and she’s already exploring the world of  publishing possibilities.

I will continue to Mother my #3 Picture Book babies to their ultimate destinies.

Hoping to announce their coming of ages very soon.

How’s your Book Babies going? …

Are your nurturing them to grow to their full potential?

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8 comments to How to Nurture your PICTURE BOOK Baby

  • Rachael

    Hey Karen,
    Enjoyed reading your picture book Birthing blog.
    Lots of writing tips and hints here amongst the metaphors.

  • Thanks Rachael, hope there’s something here you can take for yourself.
    Good luck with your writing !!

  • Hi Michelle,
    Its great that you left some time between drafts to look at your picture book again with fresh eyes. Hope the words flow for you. Good luck with your New PB Babies :))

  • Just this week I’ve been 2nd drafting a couple of Picture Books that I wrote back in November (PiBoIdMo)
    It’s very exciting – but I know they need more work and a little more time to grow. xx

  • My books are more like naughty little kids than sweet babies. I think I need more discipline with them.

    Congrats on your new addition 🙂

    Wagging Tales – Blog for Writers

  • Hi Charmaine, Thanks for checking out my latest blog :))
    I know exactly what you mean about “naughty kids”. My first two took over eight months to tame with countless rewrites, critiques and yet more tweaking.
    There’s more tweaking to come with #2 baby. And the process has barely begun with #3 offspring.
    Good luck with your “naughty kids”. Hope you can whip them into shape soon :))

  • Hi Karen,
    I like your style! There’s a lot of great advice and information here for writers! Keep up the excellent work.
    You may be interested in following #storyappchat on Twitter (if you aren’t already) where authors and app developers discuss issues around ePublishing children’s storybooks for tablets and eReaders. My company, Visible Contact, produces kids’ apps for iPhone, iPad, and Adnroid.
    All the best!

  • Hi Eric, Thanks for checking out my website :)) Very interested in keeping up-to-date with whats happening with Kids apps. Many of my illustrator friends are following these trends too.

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