How to Present a Writing Workshop

CHILDRENS NOVELS 2I co-presented *Write & Publish a Children’s Novel Masterclass as Karen Tyrrell author-teacher to a packed house of emerging writers. Enthusiastic participants shared their writing dreams, planned their novels, fleshed out their characters and polished their emerging stories.

Writers buzzed with positive energy and self-belief they could really plan, write, edit, pitch, publish and market their own novel.

How did I organize this event to get 100% seats booked & 100% positive feedback?

 Writing Workshop  by Karen Tyrrell & Charmaine Clancy

Writing Workshop by Karen Tyrrell & Charmaine Clancy

#10 Tips for Writing Workshops

1.    INSPIRE, stimulate and involve writers with creative interactive activities, writing prompts, 30 second surveys, icebreakers, group tasks and valuable information that can’t be found on the internet. Focus on key content: What do your guests really want to know?

2.    MOTIVATE participants to commit to a daily writing goal with one major goal for the year by  offering a writer’s toolkit. SHARE your writing passion, why you write and what drives you: to motivate fellow writers.
Ie. I’m passionate about resilience and empowering kids and grown-ups to live STRONG with my books Bailey Beats the Blah and STOP the Bully.

3.    RELAY your practical real-life experiences as an author: how you specifically plan, write, edit, pitch, publish and market as an author.

4.    ADVERTISE your event on your website, sharing on social media. Create a Facebook event invitation, print and online posters. RSVP via a phone number and email.

5.    DEVELOP a sequential interactive workshop booklet that will stimulate writing ideas and provide a pro-active writer toolkit and resource.

6.    SCHEDULE key learning sessions in your writing workshop program.                  eg 10:00 Registration, 10:15: Introductions, 10:30: How to plan a novel etc. Send out the agenda to participants in advance. Set up a registration table where participants sign on and grab a coffee.

7.    PRACTICE the workshop spiel out loud including your speaking spiel and physical demonstrations.

8.    BOOK a comfortable venue for your workshop that is intimate, assessable and has facilities for yummy food and coffee consumption.

9.     REQUEST feedback so you can adjust your next workshop and tailor-make it to your participant’s present and future needs.

10.    LAUGH—Have fun, smile, wink, and giggle. If you’re having FUN your guests will be too. 
ALL Smiles Presenters & Guests

ALL Smiles Presenters & Guests


Testimonials have flooded in. Thanks to the participants for their enthusiastic feedback and support.

Sensational workshop. You’re fantastic facilitators and communicators. Thank you again for your invaluable insights into the industry.” — Andrea Thomas: Writer & Illustrator

“An engaging and informative platform with savvy ‘publishing-smart’ tips on how to launch oneself from solo writer to author.”– Noeleen Bowen (Teacher/Writer)

Completing writing workshop activities

Completing writing workshop activities

What was the Unexpected Outcome?

Since delivering the Masterclass my  focus on writing and my commitment to presenting more workshops has sky-rocketed. Watch this space … for  MORE workshop announcements … and MORE of my books to be published.

PS I can’t STOP writing and editing!! 🙂

What did you think of my writing workshop tips?
How were they helpful for you?

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4 comments to How to Present a Writing Workshop

  • It will be great to see some of the attendees go on to write successful books, they have shared in a creative environment so the rest is up to them. Nike time: just do it!

  • Yes Steve, I love teaching and inspiring writers to write their own books. Its immensely satisfying to know you’re helping the next generation in the industry … Karen 🙂

  • It was such a great day, and my unexpected outcome was to become even more productive with my writing! Have been writing and editing non-stop since our workshop.

  • Hi Charmaine, So have I! I think I’ve caught your writing/ editing Bug. I’m following your advice, writing first thing on waking, BEFORE I check social media. Its made such a difference to my productivity! … Karen 🙂

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