Open Sesame

Yesterday morning a door SLAMMED in my face … several tears followed.

In the afternoon my Secret Genie cast a spell … a Double-Door FLUNG OPEN, offering bigger opportunities.

Someone from the Mental Health Association Queensland rang me, inquiring about my writing expertise and how we might help each other. First up, they asked me if I could meet them face-to-face ASAP.

I armed myself with my lucky red folio filled with writing samples … my mental health newsletter, articles I had written for Beyond Blue and The Happiness Institute, my Bipolar short story which will be published in an anthology next year … and Chapter 1 of my Me and Her:a Memoir of Madness.

Today I met with the Communications and Marketing Team to discuss new writing opportunities with their email and online newsletters. They are relaunching their journal, Balance and their website and they’ve invited me to submit  stories and articles.
They also asked me to organize an event for Mental Health Week … 10th to 16th October which happens to coincide with Logan Writers Week  … My mind’s ticking with ideas already

The MHA is huge community organisation funded by the Queensland government, networked with many community and workplace groups. They run resilience training programs and skills training workshops, organise support groups, coordinate wellness programs and community events.

I’m very keen to become involved with this local organisation and I’m waiting to take up new writing and public speaking challenges.

Behind Aladdin’s door was a treasure-trove of opportunities and possibilities, I’m waiting to explore.
Can’t wait to get started at this opportune time.

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23 comments to Open Sesame

  • That’s great news! I’m so pleased for you,

  • Jenny

    Congrats Karen. You never cease to amaze me with what you have achieved in such a short amount of time. What you are promoting is so important to all of us one way or another. Soooo proud of you!

  • Hi Cath, Thanks so much. Mental Health is something I feel so passionate about … Karen :))

  • Thanks Jenny, I received MHA’s newsletter the other day and I contacted them, offering my services. They replied straight away. Karen:))

  • Go, You! I’m also so proud of you 🙂

  • Thanks Carol, I can now combine my two passions … Mental Health and writing. Karen :))

  • Oh, that’s wonderful, Karen! Congratulations!! 🙂

  • Thanks Amber, The two young women I met were really dynamic and I’m looking forward to working with them :))

  • Michael

    Onwards and upwards Karen! Great news.

  • Thanks Michael, Its not a publishing contract. But I have the support of two enthusiastic women who want to make changes to this organisation and want me to be part of it. Karen :))

  • That’s wonderful news, Karen. You are building fantastic new pathways for yourself. Congratulations on your career transition–actually in what has become a stream of new career openings as writer, public speaker, and advocate for mental health. Your outstanding organisational skills, determination, and talent are paying off. Joanna :))

  • Tim

    Many congrats, Karen!

  • Thanks Joanna, The latest developments were a natural progression and I’m happy where this new path is leading … Karen :))

  • Thanks Tim, I’m feeling very positive about this. This came at an opportune point for both of us. They’re restructuring their writing content … Karen :))

  • Debbie Johansson

    Congratulations Karen. The news just keeps getting better and better for your writing resume. This has got to be a gigantic boost for getting published.

  • Thanks Debbie, I really think so too. My Resume is looking much healthier. I must keep submitting to Publishers and I’ll know I’ll get there … Karen :))

  • Angela

    Karen, isn’t it amazing how life presents us with ever more opportunities? Congratulations on this one.

  • Hi Angela, Life is amazing! One minute we’re devastated by a disappointment … next an opportunity presents itself. Thanks so much for your support … Karen :))

  • Hi Karen. Isn’t life funny? I do believe in fate and obviously this was your path. Congratulations on the new venture. I wrote an article for Balance a couple of years ago. It seemed like a very good magazine.

  • Hi Lynn, I was very impressed with MHA. Can’t wait to write something for them … Thanks so much for coming back. Promise I won’t delete your comment again. LOL

  • No worries Karen 🙂

  • Lexie Mitchell

    You are amazing Karen. The way you have turned a devastating illness around into a positive and used your experiences to forge ahead with your writing career the way you have. Actually your ‘rejection’ was a pretty good one as far as they go, don’t you think?

  • Thanks Lexie, I can only go forward. I refuse to go back now. About the reject letter, it tells me I’m getting closer. Karen :))

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