ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness Global REVIEWS & Interviews

parisME & HER launched internationally on Amazon with a flurry of anticipation and stunning REVIEWS.

ME & HER is offering HOPE and Healing to those with mental health issues, delivering tools for recovery & wellness.

ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness is listed WORLD-WIDE on Amazon with the BEST BOOKS on Mental Illness.

It’s listed as a HOT NEW Release.
Already #5 READERS added their enthusiastic reviews, presenting overall with 4.8 *STARS* out of 5 … I can’t believe it … PINCH me please!


“Karen’s story and her sheer honesty and depth captivates you with every page you turn. I could hardly put her book down. Her thoughtful words and expression in every sentence leaves you with many thoughts and feelings; courage, determination, confronting, engaging, emotional and challenging.

Through Karen’s journey, she open’s her soul whole heartily about mental illness offering in her own truest words insights into how she overcame and about her journey to recovery.

Karen is a brave, inspirational and aspiring person who I would love to meet in person one day. Thank you for allowing me to read your memoir. It’s truly an honour.” ….

Nicole Papadopoulos (PR/Advertising/Talent Management at 1house/1house Management)

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16th  May Sally Odgers (editor) interviews me on my Writing & Editing Process.
“How did you reconstruct the scenes that took place during one of your memory blanks?” plus MORE.

17th May Gabrielle Sheppard, Bi-polar Girl, interviews me on HOW I Recovered?

What was the most important thing that helped you Recover?


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4 comments to ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness Global REVIEWS & Interviews

  • Well not to be one to say, I told you so…but!!! Fantastic girl. 😀

  • Thanks Dimity for believing in me! Can’t believe how well ME & HER is doing over at Amazon! … Amazing!! … PS Sending your signed copy soon !

  • Heather Golding

    Wow! What a fabulous review Karen! And to think you were worried about what everyone would think of your book… pfft ha!ha!it’s a fabulous read Karen ~ well done and congratulations once again on your latest fabulous review! 🙂

  • Thanks Heather, for that!… When you put your personal life story out there in the public eye… You just don’t know how you & your book will be perceived

    I’m grateful & indebted for the awesome reviews & feedback Ive received… Pinch me quick!

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