ME & HER: #3 Days of Reviews & Interviews #20 Giveaways

me-and-her-banner-weboptME & HER: a Memoir of Madness is receiving recognition as a thought provoking memoir, one that delivers a guide to recovery and tools for wellness.

This week ME & HER’s Blog Tour has opened up discussions on recovery from mental illness AND strategies for mental health … hopefully lessening the stigma.

ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness is *ON FIRE*

Please check out the *HIGHLIGHTS* of my BLOG TOUR so far!

READ Cecilia Jansink’s (Cels) *WOW* REVIEW on ME & HER ..

WOO HOO! #9 Reviews over at Amazon, averaging 4.9 *STARS* … Here’s a snippet

~Understand the effects of mental illness … as a beacon for hope~ Charmaine Clancy, Author

~Insight into … mental illness. ~ Kathy Ferguson,  teacher

~Courageous and honest … A compelling read. ~MA Anderson, Author

Where can YOU buy ME & HER?

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OR Go directly to my Amazon page

What do you think of my 5 Star REVIEWS AND the First 20 pages for FREE?

YEE HAA! #3 more SUPER Blog Tour days to go!

TODAY! Friday 18th … We zoom across to Canada to catch Natasha Tracey’s insightful interview on HOW reflective writing became the KEY to my recovery.

Saturday 19th …We visit Kids Book Review to discover the TOP #5 kid’s books on mental health … Books guaranteed to build resilience in kids!

Saturday 19th …We hop over to Jill Smith’s blog to catch my Interview & Review

Jill asks me … “Whats your NEXT project?”

Sunday 20th ... Angela Hall, director of Blue Dingo Network & Bug in a BOOK will REVEAL her review of ME & HER.

karen-tyrrell-best-457-kb1It’s not too late to add a BLOG Comment!!

Check out the FULL blog tour here. Click onto any of the sites listed & leave a comment to be in the DRAW to WIN #20 copies of ME & HER.


On Monday 21st of May, I’ll be announcing the #20 winners of ME & HER here.
Please drop by to check on the WINNERS!


Please spread the NEWS of my thought provoking memoir …

to your  family & friends & networks, to  those trying to improve their LIVES and the lives of others.

Do you support change in attitudes towards Mental illness & Mental health?

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