La Literati INTERVIEWS Karen Tyrrell Author & Mental Health Advocate

La LiteratiLa Literati radio show US invited me to share my empowering children’s book STOP the Bully with positive anti-bullying strategies.
Radio host Tosha Michelle will interview me on WHY I wrote STOP the Bully, and my passion to change the bullying culture in schools.
I will reveal HOW parents bullied me every day as a teacher, triggering PTSD and Bipolar Disorder.

perf5.000x8.000.inddNow as a survivor of mental illness and bullying, teacher author and speaker, I’m stronger than ever, empowering children and their families with my page turning novel STOP the Bully.

“Brian is hiding something.

Now a bully attacks him every day.

Can Brian STOP the bully without revealing his secret.”

STOP the Bully is endorsed by Kids Helpline, school counselors, teachers and supported by Kids Matter Australian curriculum

Read STOP the Bully Reviews HERE

My interview is part of June’s mental health month at La Literati. 

June Guests include Andy Electroboy Behrman and Amy Hillgren Peterson
Aussie friends please tune in on Wednesday June 11at 9am AEST or USA friends listen at 7pm Tuesday EDT.
US friends can call in to speak (347) 637-2214

PODCAST: Listen to the recording HERE

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