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authors-and-illustrators-copy1NEWSFLASH: Authors of Kid’s books REVEAL themselves, their writing secrets and their passion for writing…
I, Karen Tyrrell was tagged not once but TWICE in a tagging game for children’s authors to answer four questions.
First I was tagged by Vacen Taylor: incredibly talented Gold Coast author of children’s Sci-Fi Starchild series Bk1: The Age of Akra  and Bk 2: The City of Souls  HERE

Then by Robin Opie Parnell. South Australian author of 90 books for children and adults and 2 feature film screenplays. Robyn is married to writer Rob Parnell and they have a son named Wally (who is rather hairy – woof!). She signs off with empowering words “Love and Light” xx Check out her books and secrets. HERE

Now, it’s my turn. I have to reply to four questions. I hope I can make my responses as enticing as they did. Here goes!

red 2Q1: What am I working on?

•    I’m creating empowering mental health KIDS picture books, for the Bailey Beats the Blah series.
•    A fast-paced junior novel to empower children to face their challenges at school, launching very soon.  Please stay tuned for the cover reveal.

Q2: How does my work differ from others in its genre?

My children’s books transmit positive mental health messages, supporting children, families and schools. All my books share resilience skills, boosting self-esteem and emotional awareness. My books are supported by mental health CEOs, psychologists, school counselors, teachers and National Education curriculum. I create empowering FREE kid’s activities and teacher notes. Download FREE kids activities and Teacher resources . HERE

Q3: Why do I write what I write?

I’m passionate about mental health. My aim is to raise mental health awareness across the planet. WHY? I’ve KarenTyrrell-Bailey-Cover-WebUse-3DBookSetrecovered from mental illness after parents at my school bullied me every day, until it triggered post-traumatic stress disorder and mental illness in me.

Q4: How does my writing process work?

I scribble notes down wherever I go. I let the story visualize in my mind during brisk walks, before I start to write. The first draft is the raw storyline introducing the characters and the plot. After several rewrites and drafts I send my manuscript to my critique buddies to read and provide feedback.

I rewrite the final draft, sending my work to the best editors in Australia, Sally Odgers OR Penny Springthorpe.
I work on several manuscripts at a time, swapping over when new inspiration arrives.

Did you like my writing secrets? Now I’ll tag two authors, who’ll answer the same questions next Monday. I can’t wait to read what they have to say.

CharmaineClancyFirstly I’m tagging my friend Charmaine Clancy from Brisbane. Charmaine writesundead-kev-cover-webuse-lge mystery, fantasy and adventure for kids and teens. All her stories are fictional, except maybe MY ZOMBIE DOG (some say to this day you can hear the dog softly moan, ’braaaains’). Charmaine also runs creative writing courses for kids, teaches high school English, and is hosting this year’s Rainforest Writing Retreat. Her books include My Zombie Dog, Dognapped? A Dog Show Detective Mystery and Undead Kev. She loves all things Agatha Christie and is often watching those around her with suspicious eyes; on the off chance they ever do commit a cleverly devised crime.

melissaatelearningSecondly, I’m tagging the very talented Melissa Gijsbers, a Melbourne based author, ChaBooCha2014-200writing in a variety of genre, including children’s books and short stories. In 2013, she had eight stories published in three anthologies. When she’s not writing, she is mother to two boys and a blue-tongue lizard. You can read about her writing journey at or see her author website at

These two lovely ladies will REVEAL their writing secrets Via four questions next week, so PLEASE check them out .

What did you think of my Secrets?
Did they thrill? 0r entice you?…  Or motivate you to write?

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