IN with a Chance

While holidaying in exotic Macau, a Publisher emailed me! … WOOHOO!
They still have their sites on Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness for Publication.
I can’t believe it!
They promised they’ll respond with a definite answer within 2 weeks.
So either this week or next, I’ll receive THE phone call.
The one for which I’ve yearned, for over five months. The one with the YES word in it.

What prompted last week’s email from a Publisher?
Just before my flight, I politely emailed my contact details in case they needed to get in touch with me, using correct Writer/Publisher etiquette of course.
It worked.
The publishers apologised for the delay with the decision process as they have many submissions in consideration at the moment.

But there’s ONLY one RESPONSE I need from them.
YES Me and Her will be published!

If anyone out there believes in prayer, meditation or Good Karma, please say one for me.

This post has been updated and edited.

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16 comments to IN with a Chance

  • Great News!! I hope you get the answer you want. My agent wants more changes before she sends out my MS but the outlook is positive at this time. Good Luck!!!

  • Amber

    Sounds very promising, Karen! I’m so thrilled for you! Keeping my fingers crossed & sending out much good karma for you to receive the call soon. 🙂

  • Hi Elaine, Thanks for your well Wishes. I have a Good Feeling about Allen and Unwin. I wish you the very best in your Rewrites and hope you find a Publisher soon. Karen.

  • Hi Amber, Thanks for the Good Karma. I’m feeling it already. Karen :))

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Oooh, Karen! I’m feeling nervous for you! It’s going to happen, I just know it. Shivers up my spine. So excited. How can you hold on for two weeks? Aaah!! Why am I nervous?!! Hee, hee. Don’t worry — I’ll be meditating and praying for you. Sending all the best to you, Karen. You deserve it — it’s your own work that will get you there, Karen. Goodness knows you’ve slogged away hard enough. But yes, if it will make you feel better — I’m sending you love, meditation, prayers, and good karma. Joanna :))

  • I’m receiving All the Good Vibes through the Computer Screen. I’m actually thinking … It may really happen!! Thanx Joanna.X

  • Nat

    Crossing fingers for you big time Karen.

  • Thanx Nat, I really appreciate it. I need all the Luck I can muster.

  • Tim

    Best wishes for getting THE news. 🙂 Cheers, Tim

  • Sending vibes to A&U – Karen will sell, Karen will sell, Karen will sell:-)

  • Thanx Tim. I want THAT phone call so badly. Karen:))

  • Robin

    Sending positive waves in your direction. Start visualising your book launch! :)) Robin

  • Thanx Satima for sending out those positive Vibes. Hope A+U are receiving them right NOW. Karen:))

  • Hi Robin, I’m visualising my Book Launch right now …Can’t wait to sign all those books. Karen:))

  • Angela

    Wow, fingers crossed for you, Karen. This is as close as it gets. They are obviously sending it through the various meetings with marketing dept etc. The editor must be barracking for you and believes in the book if it has reached this far. All she has to do now is convince them your memoir will be a profitable investment for A & U at this time. I say ‘YES’,it will! 🙂

    Cheers Angela

  • Hi Angela, That what I’m hoping they’re doing too. Discussing marketing, Edits and the whole profit thing. I just hope they know, I’ll work VERY hard promoting the book. Thanks for your Vote of confidence. Karen:))

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