Seeking an Agent

120_20981 A BIG Publisher are close to deciding whether they’ll Publish Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness … Any day now.
So I desperately NEED an Agent to negotiate the best Contract for me.

Yesterday I rang the Queensland Writers Centre (+61 7 3839 1243) for advice and they provided a link with information and resources on how to find an Agent and how to write an Agent Query Letter.

They also suggested a link to the Australian Literary Agents Association with the advice ─ ‘only submit to Agents who are registered here and check which agents are currently taking unsolicited submissions’.

What next?
Using the above resources, I fine-tuned my Agent Query letter which now includes a short introductory paragraph with writing credits, tailoring this letter to include Allen and Unwin’s pending decision. The next paragraph I detailed information about my book including specific genre, length, target audience and a powerful blurb. With the final paragraph I included my inspiration to write Me and Her. I sent this letter out to two agents who have an excellent reputation.

One Agency who already received my manuscript after she requested it at the QWC Cocktail Party in September. I updated her with a Publisher’s pending decision.

Within twenty-four hours I received a reply from the Agent, advising me she’s still considering my manuscript … a very Positive Reaction.

Now what?
I wait to hear NEWS that an Agent wants to represent me.


If/When an offer is made by a Publisher, I’ll contact Agents straight away with the NEWS

and hope someone will find me ** simply irresistible **.

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