How to Balance Your Health

I was totally Exhausted … mentally, emotionally and physically!

4013933-695561-life-balance-signpost-shows-family-career-health-and-friendsWHY? … For a month, I’ve thrown myself into a relentless schedule of events surrounding the launch of my children’s resilience novel STOP the Bully.

Writing, blogging and editing almost every day. Delivering and promoting two book launches, a 15 day Blog Tour, seminars, author visits, school sessions and appointments with book shops.

To cope with all these events I worked twelve-hour days, sacrificing sleep and my health. The beginnings of Health problems were rearing their ugly heads.
I was plummeting down the chasm of Burnout!

Thankfully, I took a day off, reflecting on… how can I restore my optimum health?

Tapping into my intuition, I worked out how I could rectify the imbalance to my health, balancing Mind Body Spirit.
I’ve started a new healthy plan, to re-establish routines that I’d let slip …

How can I HEAL myself?

SUPER #8 Secrets to Balance Your Health…10-daily-habits-for-health

1.    Listen to your body: be self-aware of what you need physically, mentally and emotionally to be the healthiest you can be.

2.    Take time out for ME time.  Give yourself permission for ME time. Enjoy at least one FUN activity each day.

3.    Embrace Mind Body and Spirit. Relax … rejuvenate … meditate.

4.    Exercise daily to builds muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. Consider yoga, stretching, brisk walking, bike riding and swimming.

5.    Ensure you get enough restful sleep. Cut back on your work hours.

6.    Watch your stress levels. Learn to say NO. (VIP for you.)

7.    Eat a healthy diet loaded with fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, pulses and whole-grains.

happy_healthy_woman8.    Monitor your moods. Be self-aware and mindful of any changes. Seek help from your doctor.

In my role as mental health advocate, I, Karen Tyrrell wish to spread positive mental health messages.

And do my best to lead by example.

Have you ever neglected your Health, or worked long hours?

How did you balance your health?
Which of my Health secrets resonates with you?

Please share … like, tweet and google plus  🙂 🙂

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