SELF PUBLISHING Secrets–Children’s Author Reveals All

Elaine Ouston

Elaine Ouston

Today I welcome ELAINE OUSTON on her blog tour to promote THE MYSTERY OF NIDA VALLEY, a kids fantasy adventure story for 10+ year olds.
THE MYSTERY OF NIDA VALLEY is a fast-paced novel set in mysterious Nida Valley where dinosaurs still roam. After Amanda disappears, Meg and Jaiden search for her, discovering the secrets of Nida Valley.

Elaine has generously agreed to disclose her tips on self-publishing and marketing her junior novel.

Elaine, why did you decide to publish independently?

With many wonderful compliments on the writing and my story, but no contracts, I decided mainstream publishing was not the way I wished to proceed. I have always been in total control of my working life. So, suddenly having someone else in control of if, or when, I would become a published author had been difficult for me. I decided it was time to seize that control.

What’s the biggest advantage of independent publishing?

I could control when it’s published.

What advice would you give to anyone who self-publishes?

Make sure it’s professionally edited before it’s published. Be prepared for a large outlay of money and time. And you must find a distributor.

I love your website. Where did you get the inspiration to set up a website especially for THE MYSTERY OF NIDA VALLEY?

My background is marketing and graphic art so I had the ability to set this up and knew I needed a kid friendly site.

Where can we find your book?

Hopefully, in your local bookshop. Dennis Jones and Associates is distributing it so if it’s not in stock, just ask them to order it for you. Or, you can get a cheaper, signed, dedicated copy from my website

FREE GIVE WAYthe-mystery-of-nida-valley-front-cover
You can go in the draw to win one of three copies of the book.
Go to and check out the Collector Cards page.  Then answer this question: What megafauna animal or dinosaur would you like to see in the flesh and why?
The competition will close at midnight on May 15th 2011. All answers will be assigned a number, and that number will be put in a draw. The winners will be notified by email and will be eligible to enter the Code Cracker Game.

22nd April: Book Review:

2nd May:

3rd May:

4th May:  HERE

6th May:

14th May:

14th May:

Thanks Elaine for sharing your self-publishing secrets …

And best wishes for *THE MYSTERY OF NIDA VALLEY* Book Launch on the 19th May at 6pm @BlackCat Paddington, Brisbane. Michael G Bauer will be officiating. Love to see you there :))

PS  A special congrats to illustrator, Aaron Pocock for his magnificent Cover design.

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7 comments to SELF PUBLISHING Secrets–Children’s Author Reveals All

  • Elaine Ouston

    Thanks Karen. Be sure to enter the competition. If you don’t want the book for yourself, you may know someone who would enjoy it.

  • Thanks Elaine for reminding me. I’ll definitely enter the comp. I ‘d love to win a copy :))

    Elaine, I’ve advertised this Blog as an Interview Blog so please be prepared for readers to ask you questions about your self publishing choices and marketing strategies.
    Hope you don’t mind. Karen :))

  • Elaine Ouston

    No problem Karen. I’m happy to answer any questions.

  • Mary-Anne

    Hi Karen and Elaine,
    Great interview.
    I have two questions.
    How do you plan to get your books into schools?
    What’s the most satisfying part about being in control of your book?

  • Great questions, Mary-Anne. I’m sure Elaine will be around soon to answer your two queries .. .Karen :))

  • Elaine Ouston

    Hi Mary-Anne
    Thanks for your questions. Dennis Jones and Associates, my distributor goes to schools, but I will be setting up a teacher’s pack as soon as I can get it finished, and emailing schools myself.

    The most satisfying part is just the control, I guess. Deciding where and how I will promote it.

  • Elaine, you certainly have a fabulous distributor who knows the ropes. Elaine, I’ve followed your journey in promoting your book. You are extremely pro-active. Congrats, your hard work is paying off :))

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