Disney Princess Magazine Reviews Song Bird Superhero

 Disney Princess Reviews Song Bird SuperheroDisney Princess Magazine reviewed my empowering children’s book Song Bird Superhero by Karen Tyrrell.

(That’s me: kids empowerment author, speaker and school teacher!)

OMG! I can’t believe it!! Song Bird Superhero shares the magazine with all my favourite Disney characters: Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Belle and MORE.  I’m inspired by Walt Disney …

‘All our DREAMS can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them’- Walt Disney.


WOOHOO!  Disney reviews Song Bird Superhero on the Princess Gems page where they shared “sparkly BOOK treasures.”

Princess Gems

There, Disney Princess reviewed books from well-loved children’s authors and illustrators. Three of these authors  happen to be my dear writer friends. 🙂

What is Song Bird Superhero about?

Song Bird Superhero empowers girls with the story of a bullied girl, Rosella Ava Bird who finds her superpowers from singing, science and believing in herself.

Song Bird Superhero is #1 in the Song Bird series.  #2 book is coming SOON!

 Disney Princess Reviews Song Bird Superhero

What did Disney say about Song Bird Superhero ?

A sweet empowering story about being bullied and believing in yourself. Science-mad Rosie is having a tough time – Her inventions keep crashing, she’s banned from the science fair and her nasty neighbor is bullying her.

Can her friend Amy, along with singing, science and self belief give her super powers?

An inspiring read by a great Australian author.  🙂

 Disney Princess Reviews Song Bird Superhero

Get your copy of Disney Princess ISS #88 for the full story …

Disney Princess magazine is jam-packed with entertaining and educational stories, puzzles, craft, cooking, games, quizzes and colouring-in activities. Plus reviews of books kids will LOVE.

Grab your copy at newsagents and supermarkets.

To celebrate, I offer Song Bird Superhero at SUPER discount!

Buy your copy of  Song Bird Superhero


I’m incredibly gob-smacked with this review and appearing in Disney Princess magazine with my fellow authors. It IS a dream come true !!

 What do you like about Song Bird’s review?

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10 comments to Disney Princess Magazine Reviews Song Bird Superhero

  • How exciting, Karen. What a wonderful review. It is a great book, and you deserve every word of it. My favourite part is “An inspiring read by a great Australian author”! (awesome author!)

  • Hi Norah,
    I can’t believe it either!
    I was hoping for a good solid review… But Disney’s review is BEYOND my expectations…
    YES, I almost choked when I read that last sentence and ran upstairs to find Steve to show him.
    Its a mighty week for Song Bird Superhero. I’m really looking forward to your Author Spotlight interview tomorrow.. I’m all geared up for National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence … Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • Amber Orion

    This is an Amazing endorsement for your writing Karen , I bet even old Walt would love Songbird . I wonder what’s next, will we see a Disney Studio songbird kids movie or cartoon? Sing songbird sing!!

  • Hey Amber,
    You sure know how to make a girl smile… And when I read your next line about Old Walt I started to chuckle.
    And then … your last sentence had me grinning from ear to ear dreaming of the possibilities.
    I wished my Mum had seen this review … Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • Jacqui Halpin

    That’s fantastic, Karen!! High praise indeed 🙂

  • Thanks Jacqui,
    Yes, a fantastic review. The BEST I’ve ever received … and I still can’t believe it… Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • congratulations Karen. Its a great book with a solid message and not one tiara in sight! Brilliant!

  • Thanks so much Kara!
    I’m absolutely stoked with this review …and the possibilities to where it may lead…
    Please cross your fingers for me … Karen 🙂 PS Yes no tiaras here 🙂

  • Well done, you deserve this after all your hard work!

  • Thanks Charmaine, Really appreciate you saying that. Your friend, Karen x

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