Child Psychologist Reviews Bailey Beats the Blah

Last Saturday night I received the most exciting message out of the blue. Psychologist Karen Li from Courage Psych  on the Gold Coast requested to review KIDS mental health book Bailey Beats the Blah.

I zoomed across a review copy as fast as I could.
Today she emailed links to two psychology reviews on her websites … 

Here’s a snippet from her Review

‘A great book for parents, GPs, schools and psychologists working with young children.  Karen Tyrrell (ME) uses the word “Blah” a word to use, when you can’t describe the yucky feeling.

‘ This book is a simple and short way to help parents and their offspring communicate emotional distress.

‘Topics presented are a great way as an “in” to discuss mental health issues with young people. Children aren’t great at describing what’s wrong.

They often point to the same problems listed in the book – like tummy pains. When there is no word for them to describe this yucky feeling they have, the lack of energy of joy, “blah” is a great alternative.

‘Does a great job of pinpointing what mood disturbance in young children look like.

And best of all, there is a happy ending with practical ways parents and schools can help … simple is best.’

Print book retails for $13.45 USA on Amazon or $3.99 on Kindle (Christmas sale!).

Its aligned with Kids Matter national education program. 5% sales go to Kids Help Line.

READ the FULL psychology review HERE

READ the FULL  personal review HERE

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What did you think of Bailey Beats the Blah psychology review?
How can Bailey HELP children at home, school and in the family?

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