Capilano Honey meets The Battle of Bug World Song Bird 2

capilano honeyCapilano Honey. I buzzed over to Capilano Honey for a sweet photo shoot for my upcoming book The Battle of Bug World Song Bird 2.

The Battle of Bug World focuses on Song Bird AKA Rosella Ava Bird saving the bees and the environment.

Can Song Bird save her sister, the bees & the environment, before it’s too late?

But Rosie can’t do it alone. She enlists the support of her two trusted friends.

Friends  who stand together, ALWAYS have Super powers … Jackie French author.

Song Bird 2

Why Capilano Honey?

Capilano Honey is my Bee Buddy. They sponsor the sweet launch of Song Bird 2, The Battle of Bug World on 24 June.

I’m buzzing with excitement since I, Karen Tyrrell convened with Capilano at their head office at Richlands, Brisbane. I shook hands with Bill Winner, manager of the beekeepers, who loves bees and knows EVERYTHING about them.

I gifted Capilano Honey an Advanced signed copy of The Battle of Bug World. Bill can’t wait to read it!

 Capilano Honey

Bill Winner holding Song Bird 2 . Karen Tyrrell holding Manuka honey.

Who is Capilano Honey?

Capilano is Australia’s most popular producer of delicious honey, creating honeys like Beeotic, Manuka Honey and Kids Honey. Capilano create a gourmet range including Yellow Gum and Alpine Honey.

 Capilano Honey is my bee buddy

How does Capilano Honey support The Battle of Bug World?

I’m so grateful Capilano sponsors my book launch on 24 June. They generously donated gift bags bursting with goodies for the launch and for author BEE BUDDY talks in schools. Actually, the gift bags are more like show bags, brimming with kid’s activities, fun stuff and special surprises.

 Capilano donated a basket of sweet goodies to give away at the book launch.

Meet Bill Winner Capilano Honey's manager of Beekeepers

How can I get a FREE gift bag?

Bring your kids to Logan North Library, 2 Sports Drive, Underwood.

On Sat 24 June 11 am

GUEST Speaker: SUPER Bee

PRIZES: Best bee, bird, bug or Superhero costume

FREE gift bags & gift basket donated by Capilano Honey

Signed books for sale. Craft activities. Join the BUZZ.

BOOK your seat: 07 3412 4140

Songbird FlyerLN. JPG

RSVP to the Facebook event  HERE

WHO’s joining the FUN on 24th June?

Please comment, LIKE, share, tweet, or Google +

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6 comments to Capilano Honey meets The Battle of Bug World Song Bird 2

  • Stacey Cowper

    This is so good karen, local support from a honey company that we all know. I’ve bought Capilano honey for years especially the squeeze bottles that the kids love. I have a young one and older sister that will be there for the launch. I hope we win the raffle and put a book aside for us

  • Hi Stacey,
    Thanks for checking out the sweet deal with Capilano Honey.
    Can’t wait to meet you and sign a book for you. Good luck with the raffles. They’ll be more than one.
    Cheers, Karen 🙂

  • Congratulations Karen and Ava !!
    Cant wait to read your next adventure!!

  • Thanks Kara for your awesome support and enthusiasm.
    Can’t wait to sign a copy for you.
    Karen x

  • What a sweet deal, Karen. I’m looking forward to catching up with you at the launch. Congratulations on another amazing achievement!

  • Thanks Norah,
    For your awesome support and friendship.
    Did I hear you say you’re coming to my book launch? Really?
    That would be wonderful.
    Karen x

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