Books in Homes Raises Literacy

BooksinHomes_Horizontal_Orange-WhiteYIPEE! I’m now a volunteer Role Model for Books in Homes  charitable organization, to inspire young readers. Today I handed out books at Loganlea High School Book Giving Assembly to promote literacy and the enjoyment of reading.

 Books in Homes talk at  Loganlea High School

Books in Homes talk at Loganlea High School students & teachers

Books in Homes is an inspiring foundation, donating books to kids in low socio- economic circumstances and remote areas. I’m so proud to be a part of the team.

What does Books in Homes do?

  • Involves whole-school-communities in creating a ‘value’ for reading.
  • Supports schools to increase student attendance.
  • Supports remote and low socio-economic schools by giving them equal access to books-of-choice as their more advantaged urban peers.
  • Motivates families and students to view reading as an ‘everyday’ activity.
  • Creates a legacy of books-of-choice in low socio-economic homes.

 How has Reading Transformed my life?

This is part of my motivational speech I delivered …

‘My name’s Karen Tyrrell. I’m a Logan award winning children’s author and school teacher. I write books to empower kids to live STRONG. My hilarious book STOP the Bully teaches bully prevention skills and Jo-kin Battles the It teaches perseverance and to NEVER, ever give up.

  Karen Tyrrell  shares STOP the Bully and Jo-Kin Battles the It

Karen Tyrrell shares STOP the Bully and Jo-Kin Battles the It

‘I came from low socio-economic area in Sydney. My dad was a postie, my mum worked at home. I was bullied terribly in the playground. We had no books in our house. I learned if I worked hard at school, I could win book prizes as a reward. I turned to reading as a way to empower myself to live strong and to dream BIG.

‘Books will open up a whole new world of possibilities for you. You can learn how to overcome your challenges and have FUN at the same time.’

 Loganlea High school Prize winners for

Loganlea High School prize winners for reading & leadership

REMEMBER: It’s cool to Read & Succeed.

Check out  Karen Tyrrell profile on Books in Homes website … scroll down to T HERE

 How can we Motivate our kids to Read?

How can Books transform kid’s dreams and goals?

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