BLOG RADIO: How to Promote your Book via Social Media

Christine Gregory Campos, Social Media guru from Florida, USA interviewed me on Blog Talk Radio on my recovery memoir, ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness.

She urged me to reveal the gutsy story of how parents at my school harassed me to breaking point.

And how the stalking led me to developing post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder and an obsessive compulsion to write.
Christine urged me to divulge how I Recovered and triumphed over mental illness empowering myself with alternate therapies and natural remedies.

How did I ‘Land’ this Blog Talk Radio gig?

Marney Perna, Brisbane alternate health expert, urged me to contact Christine after the success of her blog talk radio show. Christine was thrilled to be able to promote ME & HER: a Memoir Of Madness as she empathizes and strongly supports mental health after losing a loved one this year.

As a social media consultant, Christine offered pro-active guidance on how I could transmit my positive message of HOPE and RECOVERY out to millions of people. Christine analysed my social media strategies and how I could MAXimize my outreach.

Top Tips on Promoting your Book on Social Media                                                                    

1.    Build a strong identifiable authors platform and brand. What makes your book unique?
2.    Transmit positive messages from your Facebook blog page and author page, from twitter, Linked in and Google plus, sharing VALUE information.
3.    Utilize a multi-layer media approach … blog radio, You tube video, interviews, magazines, guests blogs, your website, on-line  interest groups. ALL on a world wide scale.
4.    Develop a marketing plan, to reach your target audience and promote with intention.
5.    Track responses of a new campaign to check if you’re successful.

Please listen to my *LIVE* Blog Talk Radio interview… HERE  Please RETURN here to comment.

Please READ the first #20 pages foe FREE ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness HERE

What did you think of my radio interview with Christine about ME & HER?

Can social media positively affect the growth and understanding of natural mental health?

What’s the best way to broadcast my message of RECOVERY and HOPE ?

What else can I do to spread the word?

How do you promote your BOOK on social media?

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