How to Write a KILLER Synopsis


How to Write a Killer synopsis

I set myself a gargantuan task of creating a KILLER synopsis for my humorous techno-fantasy novel for children: JOSH SUPER SPACE KID. I needed a kick-ass one pager to create buzz in the publishing world. I researched synopsis experts, scrambling through writing text books, to create that elusive KILLER synopsis.

Facebook writing buddies on Australia Writers Rock, Just Write for Kids and on my own Karen Tyrrell page offered support.
Finally these kick-ass tips rocketed back to me in the process …

How to Write a Killer Synopsis

1. Ask yourself: what is your hero’s struggles, challenges and final victory? Flaunt your hero’s dreams, fears and most importantly his voice.

2. What makes your story unique and attention grabbing? Focus on your story arc, especially major scenes and climaxes.

3. Limit your characters to 4 or 5: the hero, the sidekick or ally, the antagonist and two other characters.

4. Write in the present tense. Amp every word to the max creating an enthusiastic and enticing synopsis. Vary the construction of each sentence until the words blast off the page.

5. Start the synopsis with the inciting incident: the crisis … finish with the ending and resolution.

6. Who is the synopsis for: an agent or publisher? Ensure it’s written in the exact format described on the submission guidelines.

For the last six months, I sweated over and polished JOSH SUPER SPACE KID with the help of Beta writers from my critique group: Write Links, ready for lift-off.

**Special thanks to Alison, Ayesha, Samantha, Jacqui, June, & Jocelyn.

JOSH’s theme is aligned with my ‘resilience and hope’ author platform.

YAY! I’m presenting Write & Publish a Children’s novel Master Class with Charmaine Clancy on Jan 10 at Black Cat Books & Cafe


Killer Synopsis

KarBOOM! This week, I launched JOSH SUPER SPACE KID into the publishing world with my KILLER synopsis and cover letter. My stomach clenched, in terror and  ecstasy, as JOSH zoomed out into the unknown.

‘Your plot is strong and moves along at a good pace. You have successfully created a strong first novel in an action packed adventure series …It has commercial potential.” Leonie Tyle Publisher

The Countdown is on …

I’m transmitting a special intergalactic message across the cosmos … JOSH SUPER SPACE KID must be saved forever in print for human kind to read and enjoy.

Only YOU can save JOSH from oblivion.
Please help me amp this transmission to the max.

Transmitting now ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Please transmit your comment here … or via Facebook, twitter or google+  … Hugs: Karen  x
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