Why I Write Kid’s Sci-Fi …The TRUTH is OUT There

spaceship-workshop1My Secrets out! … Blasted across the cosmos! I’m revealing all. WHY I create Kids Sci-fi and HOW I started writing JOSH AND THE IT!
Amanda Greenslade, webmaster of Specusphere Sci-fi webzine requested I Guest Blog a punchy article that connects with the Australian fantasy, sci-fi and horror industries. Specusphere publish feature articles, interviews, reviews, and fiction pieces.

I decided to write WHY I Write Kids Sci-fi and explain HOW sci-fi became firmly entrenched in my psyche. Here’s a snippet …

“When I write kids sci-fi, I escape into a fantastical world of adventure where I can break the laws of the universe and beyond, where anything is possible. Where SUPER SPACE KIDS defeat the most evil of aliens using invented technology, saving the galaxy from destruction. I’m only restricted by my imagination.”

Find out what SCI-FI books, movies and TV shows influenced my writing

And my latest review of the SUPER SPACE KIDS series is now plastered across the Specusphere and blogosphere.

Fast-moving and entertaining. Original. The aliens are suitably gruesome and the comic-book fight works nicely. I keep seeing this as a graphic novel or animated series! … Sally Odgers (Editor) 2011

Please check out the  FULL STORY at Specusphere. Zoom across to … http://www.specusphere.com/people/why-write-kids-scifi.html

Then settle back here … What you do think?

Thank you SPECUSPHERE for this cosmic opportunity … and Sally Odgers for this SUPERNOVA of a review!

I’m SKY-HIGH believing anything is possible!!

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