The BIRTH of Josh and the It.

Josh and the It had an abnormally long Gestation period …
I tried my hand at writing Speculative Fiction short stories for adults, sending them off to competitions and anthologies without success. They often came back with feedback …   ‘Not for us … OR … Needs more research.’

With twenty years as a Primary School teacher, my hubby was continually suggesting I write Kids Stories.
Then the moment of Conception arose … ‘What if I write kids Sci-Fi Fantasy… I could break all the damn rules and no one would care.’

Last year, I spotted an unusual picture in a Mag and ideas starting churning about the plot of a Kids SF story. I started at the Climax, developing the story backwards until I reached the beginning, turning it into a Kids short story with three thousand words.
Children’s writer, Robin Adolphs suggested that I turn it into a Chapter Book by splitting it into scenes and expanding them all. I rewrote it, boosting the word count to 8K.

Last September, at the CYA Writers Conference, a Publisher assessed Josh and the It. When I delivered my blurb to her …
Space Kids capture Space Monsters using teamwork … saving the Galaxy’, she responded, FANTASTIC.
She requested I send it to her after a rewrite and a polish. When it shone like pure titanium, I sent it off to her last November.
I’m planning a Sequel, a sibling for my baby, Josh and the It.

Yesterday, a LiteraryAgency requested I send Josh and the It to them for consideration. Woohoo!! That’s two books now with the same agent … Another step towards Publishing.

Josh and the It needs one final push, before it emerges into the world.

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