SQUEE!! ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness has Arrived! *SPECIAL OFFER*

DOUBLE YAY! Yesterday an eXpress courier delivered 10 boxes of my gutsy memoir to my door! I squealed when I watched the van climb up my driveway!

The driver and I shared the excitement. It was her first delivery of books to a published author.

ME & HER: a Memoir of Madness recounts a […]

Please *Support* my PlanBIG Dream to Publish ME AND HER

I’m requesting YOU and members of the PlanBIG community to *support* my pro-active quest to publish ME AND HER :a Memoir of Madness, my gutsy tell-all memoir, encapsulating triumph over adversity … I’m NEVER, ever giving up till I see my book in print! … Supporting PlanBIG only takes 30 seconds of your time!


SQUEE! I’m Finalist in Mental Health Week Writing Comp

SQUEEE! This week I’m celebrating Mental Health Week, the ultimate opportunity to share my story of recovery and hope. I’m pouring all my creative energies into pushing mental health issues to the forefront.

Last Sunday I launched the Life Writing program which Queensland Health contracted me as co-facilitator. I delivered the first two sessions to […]