REVIEW Observations from a Transparent Cage

Review by Karen Tyrrell

Alison Pearce, poet and artist delivers a sensitive, thought-provoking journey into the darker recesses of the mind and to the “places of pain few show and fewer try to express.”

Alison’s poetry and art book “Observations from a Transparent Cage” explores depression giving a voice to those who do not have […]

Logan Women’s Wellness Day

I’m delivering an empowering Life Writing session to Logan women to celebrate Mental Health Week.

Logan Women’s Health and Well-being Centre is presenting THE EDGE, a FREE day of creative arts activities, exploring #3 aspects of mental health… Recovery, managing and maintaining.

My Life Writing Session at 12:30

I’ll read excerpts from ME & HER: […]

Boost your Creativity!

Try these Tricks to jump-start your CREATIVITY with fresh ideas every day. The Initial Idea: can be inspired from movies, dreams, paintings, personal experiences, newspapers and magazines, beautiful books, photographs, pictures, music, poetry … Take a small notebook / Voice recorder/ Video Camera for Inspirations wherever you go. Collect pictures and clippings into a scrap […]