Have you noticed unlikely, but meaningful events keep happening in your life, far beyond coincidence? …

I have.

Lately I’m experiencing these phenomena at an accelerating rate … Bumping into strangers in lifts then discovering we have shared backgrounds and aspirations …  Friending new people on Facebook with parallel lives … Sending messages to strangers with them relaying their messages to me at the identical time … Encountering writing competitions which are perfectly tailored to my genres and goals …

They can’t be incredible coincidences.
Last century, Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist developed his theory of Synchronicity.

“Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer”. — Carl Jung

I have much to be grateful to Carl Jung.

A few years ago in the depths of mania, I experienced extraordinary psychic phenomena and my Psychologist clarified what was happening to me, by drawing on Carl Jung’s theories.

Before you dismiss this as a whole lot of twaddle …Ask yourself this question … Is life just a series of chaotic events with no connection, no meaning?
Many famous people support the Theory of Synchronicity … Deepak Chopra is one.

“I believe that all coincidences are messages from the manifest – they are like angels without wings, so to speak, sudden interruptions of life by a deeper level …

The scientific viewpoint worldview tells us that events are not organised by any kind of outside force. A coincidence says otherwise; it is like a momentary reprise from chaos.”

Synchronised Events are definitely increasing in my life.
A friend told me, evidence of Synchronicity means I was on the right track, that the somehow universe is aligning itself to my vibrations.
Each morning I wake energized, reflecting on the unknown … who will I meet today? … what will happen next?

For me, it’s an extraordinary time to be alive and to Write what I’m most passionate about.

What about you? Are you a Believer?

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20 comments to Synchronicity

  • Olwyn conrau

    Absolutely, and strangely, it’s how I started writing (creative, that is) again.

  • Kat Denyer

    Neale Donald Walsch has a lot to say about it in his books. Coincidence is never coincidence. Synchronized events definitely tell me that I am following the path I have chosen for myself. Therefore, whether my day is a shitty one or full of inspiring ah-ha moments, I know it is of my own choosing and am thankful to be experiencing whatever it is.

  • Marjorie Sawyer

    Hi Karen, I’ve believed in it for quite a few years. What you think you create. The trick is to look out for the messages, be constantly aware. (This is easily said than done – thanks for reminding me.) Cheers, Marjorie

  • Hi Olwyn, I believe it! I think our meeting on facebook came together with a touch of Synchronicity! …Karen :))

  • Hi Kat, I’ll have to follow up on Neale Donald Walsh’s books … I know exactly what you mean about Confirmation of the Path you’ve chosen … Karen :))

  • Hi Marjorie, Since I’ve been studying The Law of Attraction and keeping a journal, I’m more aware of incredible co-incidences at work in my life … Karen :))

  • Lynn Priestley

    I’m definitely a believer. To a believer no proof is necessary…to a non believer no proof is enough.

  • I am definitely a believer in synchronicity, Karen.


  • Thanks Lynn, from one Believer to another … beautifully and logically stated. Karen :))

  • Hi Dee, I picked you as a Believer … Responders to my Blog today have much in common. Karen :))

  • Absolutely, I believe in synchronicity, Karen. All things work together according to how you think. A Divine gift. Joanna :))

  • Hi Joanna, I thought you would! Things can work Outside the way you think as well, and its you that’s denotes the significance in the Chain of Events. Karen :))

  • Lisa

    Karen, I’m a huge believer in this. There is no such thing as a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. Everything you can conceive and believe you can acheive. Hmmm? Note to self — take own advice and get writing! 😉

  • Jenny

    Synchronicity is a part of life. When it all comes together as it is for you now, pathways are fully opened for many wonderful journeys!

  • Yes Lisa, I believe that events in our lives are inter-linked. Back to work for you … Good luck with your writing … Karen :)).

  • Thanks jenny, I really appreciate you saying that. I’m very excited with the thought of New Journeys and New challenges … Hoping the same for you. Karen :))

  • Donné Morgan

    I sure do. Too many things have happened in my life for it to be otherwise. eg My Mum and Dad married creating a blended family of 6 sons and 1 daughter; David and I have 6 sons and 1 daughter. I truly believe that David and I were destined to meet and now live by a philosophy that… everything, be it good or bad, which happens in your life occurs for a reason and there is something beneficial to be gained from every experience.

  • Hi Donne, I agree completely. Every experience is a Lesson in Life … Karen :))

  • Magyck

    Synchronicity brought us together, Karen. It’s something I realised happened when I stopped fighting the Universe and myself and let life flow around me. It’s not even a matter of belief. For me, it simply is. It’s one of my checks I’m on my true path. Hmm, I’ll have to research Carl Jung more, too . Love and hugs, enjoy your day!

  • Hi Magyck, I believe our meeting was definitely an incidence of Synchronicity with you inspiring me to write this Blog. I’m becoming more attuned to Synchronicity in every day events and meeting New Friends. Karen :))

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