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Meet my dear author friend Robin Adolphs  who launched her gorgeous children’s picture book, Sylvia’s Itch about a sugar glider with a mysterious itch. Robin’s wildlife themed book is illustrated by super talented artist Aaron Pocock and designed by the highly esteemed Book Cover Cafe.

Robin and I met at Year of the Edit writing course at Queensland Writers Centre. We share much in common: we’re both teachers, writers and my resilience picture book Bailey Beats the Blah was illustrated by Aaron Pocock and designed by Book Cover Café too. YES, we share the same publishing team!

On 28 February, the Wildlife Preservation Society of QLD launched Sylvia’s Itch at The Centre, Beaudesert part of a wildlife awareness day.

Me & Robin at Sylvia's Itch book launch

Me & Robin at Sylvia’s Itch book launch

Sylvia’s Itch

Sylvia is a beautiful young sugar glider.
She should be happy, but she has a problem.
She has an itch that just won’t go away.
Even worse, it’s right in the middle of her back in a spot she can’t reach.

Sylvia and her best friend Penelope just can’t get to the bottom of Sylvia’s mysterious itch, so they set out together to find a cure.

Sylvia’s Itch is an endearing story of friendship, tenacity and problem solving.

Title: Sylvia’s Itch
Author: Robin Adolphs
Illustrator: Aaron Pocock
Publisher: Butternut Books
978-0-9872603-8-3 (pbk)
978-0-9872603-9-0 (ebk)
978-0-9942121-0-8 (hbk)

Sylvia’s Itch is available via Amazon

or from Robin Adolphs’ Website


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24 comments to Sylvia’s Itch Book Giveaway

  • Diana Carlton

    Sylvia’s Itch looks like a great kid’s book to read. I believe kids will absolutely love the story of Sylvia and her buddy trying to find a cure for this mysterious itch, and they’ll probably want to read ‘Sylvia’s Itch’ over and over again. The pictures look adorable too!

  • Hi Diana,
    Thanks so much for being the first to comment on Sylvia’s Itch.
    Thrilled you love it too … Karen 🙂

  • Steve

    This is a lovely children’s story illustrated with the most beautiful pictures

  • Thanks Steve for leaving a comment of support.
    Good luck in the book giveaway … Karen 🙂

  • Wildlife, gorgeous illustrations, delightful characters and there is a story I need to read. Congratulations, Robin and Aaron.

  • Thanks Kaye,
    for checking out Robin’s and Aaron’s gorgeous new book. Good luck with the giveaway !… Karen 🙂

  • Thanks Karen for the wonderful support and for telling the world about Sylvia, Penelope, Annabelle and one other character . . . who will remain nameless!
    Thanks to everyone for the positive and kind comments too.
    I loved writing this story. Enjoy!

  • Sylvia’s itch looks interesting and educational, a children’s book that I might be able to read for my story time. It would teach children the importance of friendship and caring, as well as looking after each other. This theme of ‘Australiana Animals’ reminded me of other Australiana picture books by authors – Jackie French and Mem Fox.
    Love the illustrations too. I would like to read it asap.

  • Mel Flynn

    I would love to have this on the shelf of my school library!

  • Tracy Glover

    I love the idea of this story. So often quirky things like an unexplained itch happen to children and so I think they will enjoy reading about Sylvia – the illustrations look stunning too – always a draw card for young children.

  • My name is Penelope and I would love to have a sugar glider as a friend. They are so cute!

  • Hi Penny, Thanks for dropping by to check out Sylvia and her sugar glider friends… Cheers, Karen 🙂
    PS Check out Robin’s books at

  • Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for your lovely words about Sylvia’s Itch. RoBin would be pleased. Please check out Robin’s books at … Karen Tyrrell

  • Hi Mel, Thanks for dropping by to check out Sylvia’s Itch. Cheers, Karen Tyrrell 🙂
    PS You sound like a teacher Like me.

  • I’d love to win a copy so that I can find out what’s making Sylvia itch! 🙂

  • Tania Hawting

    I love Karen’s friends work, I can just imagine what a delight Sylvia’s Itch will be to read 🙂

  • Hi Renee,
    Thanks for dropping over to find out more about Sylvia’s Itch. Good luck in the comp… Karen 🙂

  • Hi Tania, Thanks so much for dropping by to check out Sylvia’s Itch… Good luck in the comp…Karen 🙂

  • Jocelyn

    This book sounds such fun. It’s the kind of book I’d like to have written myself. What a clever story idea, Robin.

  • Hi Jocelyn,
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I’ll pass your kind words onto my friend, Robin… Karen 🙂

  • Karen K

    i would love to share this problem solving story with my year 3 and 4 children. As well as show the young children the beautiful pictures.

  • Hi Karen, Thanks for dropping over to check out Sylvia’s Itch. Its a gorgeous book, kids will love… Karen 🙂

  • Lesa

    Would love to read this to my students. I think teamwork and friendship is such a wonderful lesson to teach.

  • […] Thanks to everyone who entered the competition HERE […]

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