Sayonara’s Final Shoot Out

Sayonara is loaded-up, raring to be sent out to its Final Shoot Out .

For the last three months, I’ve pushed Sayonara through a rigorous checking process.

After its completion in December 2009, I proofread the entire manuscript, checking the plot against the detailed Scene Summaries I developed through the Year of the Edit writing course.

‘Josie Roberts, a forensic student witnesses the horrific shooting of her cop dad and vows she’ll find his killer. Two years later and still no closer to her goal, she receives a phone call from Japan. Yumi, her ‘adopted daughter’ has vanished from the streets of Brisbane. Josie answers the distraught family’s plea for help.’

In January, I sent Sayonara to a critiquing buddy to read over the whole story. She’s a Japanese /English teacher and she loved it, always pleading for me to tell her the ending.

A police-officer friend, who writes Crime, checked all police investigations and court scenes were authentic and believable … I only had to make minor changes.

An Aikido instructor and his wife examined my Aikido sequences and scenes. They came back with a ‘You’ve secured it’.

I made sure Sayonara has a dramatic punch in the start and ending of every chapter, luring the Reader to read on.

Then with one final proof read of the lot … verifying spelling, grammar, consistent time references, and minimising over-used words, I transformed every ordinary noun and verb into energetic, robust versions.

Now Sayonara is primed for the Final Shoot Out with many hopes and dreams attached.

A Publisher has already requested to read Sayonara! YAY!

Hope she’ll make the first draw!

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