Radio Interview Jo-Kin Battles the It

2015-09-28 13.21.59-3A radio journalist will interview me on my hilarious children’s space adventure Jo-Kin Battles the It (Super Space Kids #1) and how writing it helped me survive tough times.

Jo-Kin Battles the It became a fun-like refuge as I simultaneously wrote a gut-wrenching memoir, Me and Her: A Memoir of Madness. I, Karen Tyrrell, teacher struggled with mental health issues triggered by severe bullying and harassment from a school student and their parents.

What is Jo-Kin about?

Josh Atkins aka Jo-Kin must save Captain Astra and the galaxy from the IT before it’s too late.

Jo-Kin Battles the It is jam-packed with Super Space Kids, killer robots, incredible gadgets and gruesome monsters. Karen Tyrrell (author) shares resilience skills, team building and brain power within the story. She teaches kids how to be a hero in their own lives.

Jo-Kin Battles the It (Super Space Kids #1)

Jo-Kin Battles the It (Super Space Kids #1)

Come to my Book Launch & Pantomime

WHEN: 10th October 10.30am

WHERE: Logan North library, 2-4 Sports Drive Underwood

RING: PH 3412  4140 to reserve your seat

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Meet Karen and Steve Tyrrell both dressed as outrageous Super Space Heroes.

Jo-Kin Cover pic Oct 10WIN a FREE signed copy at my Radio Interview

WHERE: Tune in to Radio 101fm Logan City

WHEN: Tuesday 6th October at 9.15am

WHAT: Phone 07 3808 8101 when the lines become open

The interview will be recorded and I’ll post the link  HERE next week.

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