RADF Showcase

Guess what?
Yesterday, I received a surprising call from Logan City Council.
“We’ve selected you to be a ‘Featured Artist’ at the RADF showcase on the 31st July at Logan Art Gallery.”
I fell into my chair. Unbelievable!

Chelsi explained … “The RADF Showcase is a Celebration of Logan creative artists who received a  Regional Arts Development Fund Grant. These artists  produced a successful project, which cultivated their skills and benefited the community.”

In 2009, a RADF grant sponsored me to complete a six-month writing course, Year of the Edit, at the Queensland Writers Centre. I developed two manuscripts, Me and Her: a Memoir of Madness and Sayonara to their full potential.
I’m waiting to hear ‘News’ about these two manuscripts.

In March 2010, a series of unexpected events evolved …
After “bumping” into Logan Mayor, Pam Parker I promised I’d give back to the community with a free Writing Workshop and offered my views in raising the profile of Logan Writers.
Soon after, I formed Logan City Writers collective and organised Logan Writers Week for October.

The RADF Showcase will be an amazing informative Event.
Queensland Writers Centre will be there to present information about their Writing Courses and grants.
RADF officers will answer specific questions.
Anyone contemplating applying for a RADF Grant should attend.

Now I have seven weeks to get organised …
I need to submit “Action” photos and visuals for a slide presentation for the event and also for a Council Publication … I get one whole page to strut my stuff in print.
So many fabulous opportunities!

On the 31st July between 2-4 pm, they’re offering me a whole table to display my work at this Expo, with me standing behind it, answering questions.

Now got to figure out what to display on that big ol’ table.
Any ideas?

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20 comments to RADF Showcase

  • This is a fabulous opportunity, Karen. Ideas? Just one popped into mind. Have you had any Logan City Writers bookmarks made yet?

  • Thanks Carol, Bookmarks are a Fabulous idea. I”ll start thinking up a design. They’ll fill 3cm by 12cm. Now for some BIGGER items! Karen :))

  • Elaine

    Congratulations. Great opportunity. I suggest you print out the first three chapters of each book in book size and give them as handouts. This may create future buyers for when they are published. Try to find some appropriate art to make a dummy cover. Good luck.

  • Thanks Elaine, Love your ideas. Three chapters is a bit generous. LOL. Maybe 3 pages? Dummy covers? Mmm … Let me think. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Congratulations Karen,

    I’m sure it will be a wonderful experience.


  • Thanks Dee, I’m looking forward to this fabulous experience. Hope it leads to more Exciting places and opportunities. Karen :))

  • Brilliant, Karen. Congratulations! Info about QWC, the Logan Writers Group (of course). What about cups with a photo on them, or a slogan, or one of those things you can get printed off at instant photo places–placemats, calendars of writing events. I know: a calendar for 2011 with your blog posts for each month–you’ll have to pick twelve (or fifteen if you include the last few months of this year) of your best posts about writing tips or your writing progress. Inspirational writing quotes? Make sure there is plenty of *colour* and attractive illustrations or posters on your table. I’ve just posted my latest blog entry about an amazing dream I had this morning, Karen: http://joannagaudry.wordpress.com/2010/06/. Joanna :))

  • Thanks Joanna. I LOVE all your ideas especially about bright colours and eye catching Posters. I’ll start looking around for printing and promotional companies … Yes, I love your beautiful heaven-like dream. I left a comment on your a fabulous BLOG, http://joannagaudry.wordpress.com/2010/06/ … Cheers, Karen :))

  • Congratulations! Sounds like an honor! Hope you have a great day and get lots of recognition from it!

  • Angela Sunde

    Hi Karen,

    Lots of good news here. Congrats! What about postcards promoting your manuscripts? You can have the title, blurb and your contact details together with a suitable picture for the background. Use your own picture that you think suits your book or use one from online photo stocks. Have a look at http://www.vistaprint.com.au for very cheap postcards and so simple to upload photos and info. They also print T-shirts, mugs etc.

  • Thanks Becky for dropping by. It certainly does feel like an great honor and a fabulous opportunity. I’ll try my best to learn the most from this experience. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Hi Angela, Would you believe, I was looking at Vistaprint today for Posters? I didn’t think of Book postcards! I will definitely look into that! Thanks for the fabulous idea. Karen :))

  • What a wonderful opportunity Karen!! That’s really great! I’m proud of you!!

  • Thanks Shannon for dropping by here. I really appreciate you doing that and the support you are giving me. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Congratulations Karen, that is absolutely awesome!

  • Thanks so much Jeanie. On Saturday, I was on my way outside to hang the washing and the phone rang with the News. I was caught unawares and now the potential of this opportunity is sinking in. Karen :))

  • Debbie Johansson

    Yeah Karen! You seem to be showered in good luck lately. What a wonderful opportunity – go for it! What’s next, publication? ;))

  • Thanks Debbie, Finally loads of Good Luck has come my way! The Showcase is an incredible opportunity and I must plan it out carefully. Karen :))

  • karen tyrrell

    What fantastic news to be included in the RADF Showcase. It can only be a matter of time before a Publisher picks you up from being included in such a prestigious event.

    As always I have faith in your ability and feel you must keep knocking on doors until one opens and They’ll realise what a brilliant writer they are missing.

    Go for it cuzzie.

    Much love

  • Thanks Karen, I’m receiving your support and positive vibes, that you’re sending out to me. Thanks so much for your faith in me … Karen :))

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