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I’m bursting with pride! Readers have shared their personal testimonials on HOW ME & HER: A Memoir Of Madness is helping them deal with or understand their Mental Health issues or those of someone they love. ♥ I’m so proud my Recovery memoir is reaching out and touching people’s lives and hearts in a very positive way. ♥

Here’s what Readers have to say about ME & HER…

~ Thank you for helping me on my road to recovery. Me and Her is a real winner for me and I’m sure it is for others.  Your book helps me see things in a different way and there is actually light at the end of the tunnel.  Just took me all these years and your book to help me see that. I can live with my illness and learn new ways to cope from day to day. Your book has given me a new lease on life. ~ ♥ Kerry

“Karen’s book is helping me learn and understand my Bipolar Disorder better.”  ♥ Steph

‘Me and Her has opened the door to animated discussions on mental illness and the warning signs. It’s been an invaluable tool to many people I know.’ ♥ Anne Vickery

‘Me and Her spoke to me in a personal way as I and several members of my family have bipolar disorder and other depressive disorders. Karen Tyrrell’s honest account was comforting, in that I identified with her actions, paranoia, and way of thinking during her manic episodes. Reading her memoir was like listening to a friend (which she is)’  ♥ Jayne

“I was moved by Karen’s story that I felt that I am not alone in dealing with my mental illness. Someone else understood my moments of uncontrollable mania” – Chris                                    

“Me & Her offered me hope for recovery and possibly leading a normal life” – Terry

“I love the fact that you can take control of your own life once again after losing it!” – Lyn

“I now love reading and would like to take up creative and expressive writing courses.” – Rob

“I didn’t know that you can write up your own story for others to read it. Thank you Karen for giving me the idea and confidence to do just that.” – Michael

“I was always told by others that I am a waste of space because of my mental illness, but if someone like Karen Tyrrell can do bigger and better things with her Bipolar then I want to be like her and one day become a writer” – Richard

Thanks Belladonna for offering this AMAZING *5 STAR* review on Amazon and Goodreads  …

~ Gripping, raw, real, heartbreaking and hopeful…I was moved by Karen Tyrrell’s brave memoir. ME & HER reveals the shadowy world of mental illness, exposes the fundamental flaws in our mental health systems, and through this brave woman’s journey in battling with the ‘monster’, her memoir offers hope and a light in the darkness. ME & HER is a MUST READ, not only for those of us who have been touched by mental illness in one form or another, but for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, because essentially, Karen’s story reveals what it is like to be human. ~ ♥ Belladonna

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I urge you to shout from the roof tops about ME & HER: A Memoir Of Madness, and how it offers real hope to those dealing with their problems and challenges. ME & HER offers a Guide to Recovery and wellness strategies.

I’ve traveled so far along my journey to recovery … I’m forever grateful I’m able to help and encourage others along their journey too.

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4 comments to Personal Testimonials > Me & Her is Changing Lives

  • Heather Golding

    These are awesome testimonials Karen! I honestly couldn’t really add anything different to what others have said!! Well done again 🙂

  • Thanks so much Heather, for supporting this blog of testimonials for ME & HER and spreading the word. I sure appreciate you doing this… Karen 🙂

  • Art Antonious

    All the above testimonial are true evidence of the awesomeness of your book, Karen and your beautiful, honest and inspiring story. 🙂

  • Thanks Art for your awesome support of ME & HER on so many levels … reading my book yourself, personally sharing it with you recovery group and spreading the positive messages on social networks. I really appreciate all you are doing. Karen xx

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