My Exposé Interview

This Exposé guarantees to get to the crux of ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness.
Jamie Huntsman Coulter, American social media manager, mental health advocate and creator of
‘Rambling Thoughts of a Bipolar interviewed me on her Facebook page.
Jamie posed gritty questions, aiming to get to the heart of my illness, my creativity and my Recovery.

Here’s a glimpse of her in-depth Exposé …

When were you first diagnosed?
In 2005, five years ago.

What led to your diagnosis?

Police and a medical team forcibly hospitalized me after I showed extreme manic and psychotic behaviour at the motel where I was hiding.

Were there signs as a child, now that you look back?

Not really. As a child, I suffered from anxiety. As a teenager, when I moved to Teachers College, I developed social angst and insomnia.

How did you feel about the diagnosis?
I was in denial. Initially I refused to accept my diagnosis of Bipolar or take any medication.

Do you go to therapy?
Not anymore. In 2005-6, I actively participated in all therapy sessions, learning coping strategies and how to avoid my triggers.

Do you have a creative side?

Most definitely. I began writing obsessively in 2005 in the euphoria of hypomania and I haven’t stopped. Today creative writing is my everyday passion.

Today, how do you tunnel the energy from bipolar?
By writing full-time, supporting writing groups and mental health organizations. I’m organising Logan Writers Week for October 2010.

What do you hope others get from your  BIPOLAR Story?
I want people to know …
You CAN recover from Bipolar Disorder and live a full and productive life.

Is there anything else you want to share?

Please don’t give up. Seek help and support for your illness. Keep taking your meds and pursue everything there is to learn.

Any words of encouragement for those struggling with Bipolar?

ME AND HER: a Memoir of Madness is my gutsy story of my struggle and victory over Bipolar Disorder. You can recover from Bipolar with time, determination and vigilance.
Self-knowledge and self-awareness are crucial in developing your own wellness plan to keep you stable.

My ME AND HER Newsletter delivers positive spins on mental health, and messages of hope and recovery. Please let me know if you’d like to subscribe.

Check out the complete interview,  scroll down,  find

What did you think ? …
Did I give too much away?

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14 comments to My Exposé Interview

  • kerryn pascoe

    Well done. Great interview. Be proud. 🙂

  • Thanks Kerryn,
    Jamie and I have pulled this off! She asked some really curly questions, didn’t she? Did you check out her Facebook Page? … Karen :))

  • Great interview, Karen! You’re a brave woman, putting it all out there like you have. It’s fabulous to see. 🙂

  • Thanks Amber, When I do an interview … I have the usual anxiety … Am I saying too much? But I know honesty is a good thing especially about Mental Health. …Karen :))

  • Karen, you did an amazing job on this interview. It can be so difficult to share the darkest corners of this disorder. You amaze me as a brave, determined woman. I’m so honored to have your interview posted! (((hugs))) to you and your continued success in recovery from bipolar.

  • Clear, consise answers, Karen. Very good. Thanks for this. Joanna :))

  • Thanks Jamie, for inviting me to be a Subject to your interview. Some questions I had to be brave about answering. But you managed to convince me I should answer. Thanks so much for your supportive Facebook page ‘Rambling Thoughts of Bipolar’ and the advice and information you offer. Cheers, Karen :))

  • Hi Joanna, Why such clear, concise answers? Firstly I wanted to answer directly to those who needed support. And to those interested in my Memoir, just enough to keep them interested. LOL. Hope I achieved both … Karen :))

  • Thanks for this, Karen. Really interesting answers. Great interview.

  • Thanks Cath, I hope the interview gives greater understanding of Bipolar and mental illness in general … Karen :))

  • Great interview, Karen. You’re very brave. You’re the hero in your story. Good for you. That took courage.

    Thanks, Jamie Huntsman Coulter. That was a great interview. I’m sure this will help many bipolar sufferers.

  • Hi Trish, Thanks for saying that. I wasn’t feel so brave at first. Before publishing an interview like that, I really have tell myself its for the greater good. I know it will help Bipolar sufferers … Karen :))

  • David Murphy

    Hi Karen,From your interview and I Quote, “Self-knowledge and self-awareness are crucial in developing your own wellness plan to keep you stable” Unquote. In the treatment of any depression disorder, from my own personal experience, this plan will work. Being well informed and having the perseverance to use the activities that work for you is paramount.On the same level the satisfaction and success gained from your own knowledge and the cultivation of friends is truly gratifying.Great interview.

  • Hi David, I’ve learned from experience that a “Wellness Plan” can stabilize any fluctuation very quickly whether it be depression, anxiety or mania. Glad you like my interview … Thanks for your friendship. Karen :))

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