Josh vs. Lord Terra … the Battle Begins

SQUEEE! … I’ve completed the final draft of Josh vs. Lord Terra, Book 2 of the Super Space Kids series.

Lord Terra wages intergalactic war against Super Space Kids and Earth.
Techno-savvy Josh must battle against Lord Terra to save human kind.
But Josh is the king of cool at school … ‘Can’t somebody else blast off into space this time?’
Can Josh and the Super Space Kids save Earth from destruction?”
© Karen Tyrrell

This week I’ve blasted Josh vs. Lord Terra through super tough editing tests and confirmed Book 2’s structure is built from pure titanium.

photo_universe-for-blog2What supersonic tests did I apply?

•   searched for each character using the FIND feature, checking each character is consistent with their Character Profile sheet
•    checked the story has strong hooks and intrigue throughout especially at the beginning and end of every chapter.
•    rechecked my research to confirm all new plot ideas.
•    find overused words then delete, or replace with a more powerful word.
•    proof read every paragraph Out LOUD to pick up glitches and repetition.

What now?

I’ve printed off my manuscript and launched Josh vs. Lord Terra to Beta readers for final critiquing and proof reading. A special thanks to Judi Stroud and Jeffery E. Doherty, both kids Sci-Fi / Fantasy writers. Their feedback is SO important to me.

Very soon …
I’ll be zooming Josh vs. Lord Terra off to an International Publisher who’s already requested Josh and the It for consideration. Fingers crossed they’ll love this one too. xx

Please help me  win the Publishing Battle by …
Transmitting a special intergalactic message across the cosmos … ‘Super Spaces Kids Series must be saved forever in print for human kind to read and enjoy’.

Only YOU can save this story from oblivion.
Please help me amp this transmission to the max.

Transmitting now  ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

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14 comments to Josh vs. Lord Terra … the Battle Begins

  • Hey! Congrats! I’ve been meaning to write here and let you know I’ve been following your progress closely, but with my writing of Vampire Romance, Sci-fi Action and Erotica (which should be banned :P), along with a serious nudist romance, I’m flat chat with my writing; bouncing from one to the other.

    Just thought to check in and let you know what I’ve been up to… and the website I’ve put in is my book review one; so if you ever need your book read and reviewed, I’m more than happy to do it for you; then advertise it on Bookcrossing and other book-reading sites.

    Lynda Parker

  • Hi Lynda,
    Thank you so much for dropping by. Yes, I would love for you to read and review my books after I get that magic contract. You’ve been busy with all your novels and genres too. Good luck with it all …Karen :))

  • Transmission received…loud and clear! Good luck, Karen! 😉

  • Oh thanks Carol, Book Karma vibes already spreading across the universe:))

  • Kelly McDonald

    beepbeepbeepbepbepbepbeeepbeep.. Got it 😉

  • Kelly McDonald

    beeeppbeepbeepbeepbeep.. that is a bIg 10/4 buddy! best of luck!

  • Hi Kelly, would your alter ego be Kelly Artist Illustrator? Thanks for sending out your transmission to the universe. Message received … Karen :))

  • Thanks Kelly, two messages in one night. The Battle for the Publishers is winning!!!

  • Joanna Gaudry

    Good on you, Karen. Sounds like a great children’s sci-fi series. All the best with placing it.

  • Thanks Joanna, I loved writing this one as much or more than Josh and the It. New plot lines … new humour dished out with a giant hunk of mouth watering FOOD!

  • Graham

    I envy your ability to actually finish writing novels. I hope the publisher responds positively.

  • Hi Graham,
    These kids novels, 11K and 12K each, were much easier to plot and complete than my adult books. I enjoyed writing and sharing them with my Beta Readers. I hope the Publishers loved them too.

  • Hi Michelle,
    Oh yes it is! … Almost there! … Karen :))

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