How to Stress less and be Happy

stress-less-yoga-620x480-620x330YIPPEE! South City Bulletin magazine published my mental health story How to Stress less and be Happy.

Let’s take a Sneak peek …

Stressed to the hilt? Frantically rushing around, trying to make deadlines and appointments? Tossing and turning, too tense to sleep? Before we know it, we’re suffering from blinding headaches, muscular tension and overwhelming insomnia.

We can’t eat, can’t sleep and can’t relax.

Stress is triggered by pressures of responsibilities at work and at home. Negative life events like divorce, prolonged illness or the death of a loved one cause stress too. Chronic stress can make your blood pressure soar, your heart race, and generate physical and mental health problems, diminishing our sense of well-being.

We live our lives at frantic speeds, rushing everywhere we go, barely able to grab a minute’s peace. Computers, phones and screens deliver up-to-date information, but constant bombardment increases our stress and nervous tension, giving us little down time.

So, how do we lessen our stress levels and live happy, relaxed lives the way we were meant to? First, we must become more self-aware and mindful of the stress triggers that threaten our health and our happiness.

We must minimize these stress triggers by taking pro-active steps to strengthen ourselves.

 Yoga and meditation helps you to relax

Yoga and meditation helps you to relax

5 Top Secrets to Stress Less

  1. Exercise every day. Exercise is the greatest stress reliever of all. Start the day with a brisk walk. Relax with stretches and yoga. Swim. Walk. Cycle. All exercise lifts your mood and lessens stress.
  2. Connect with real people face to face. Enjoy a coffee and a relaxing chat. Strengthen your support network, friendships and connecting with your family. People who have strong support networks live the happiest, most stress-free lives.
  3. Learn to say NO and delegate to others. Recognize when you’re overwhelmed and request help. Only choose projects that are meaningful to you.
  4. Commune with nature every day. Walk in the fresh air in a parkland or rainforest. Pat a dog, feed the birds, plant a herb garden. Enjoy a glorious sunset.
  5. Give yourself ME time. Recharge and reset. Take a warm bubble bath. Indulge in a soothing, relaxing massage. Inhale a scented candle. Listen to relaxing music. Read a good book. Reading is good for the soul.

Read FULL #9 tips and the full story at South City Bulletin  Then come back here!

Let’s live our lives in a more relaxed, less stressful way. Let’s rejuvenate our body, mind and spirit. Let’s discover our true happiness, our everyday bliss as human beings.

Karen Tyrrell BEST  457 KB CROPPEDKaren Tyrrell is an award winning resilience author. Karen’s self-help manual, Me and Him: A Guide to Recovery reveals how she recovered from parent-teacher bullying, stress and mental illness. In Karen’s books, she offers tips on mental happiness, how to stress less, sleep better and how to overcome anxiety and depression. Read more

KarenTyrrell-Me-And-Him-Cover-WebUse-LgeWere the Stress Less tips helpful to you?

Which stress less tip resonated with you the most?

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