How to Present *Imaginative* Writing Workshops to Schools

photo renjith krishnan

photo renjith krishnan

BLAST OFF … Kids created the most *imaginative* stories at my Writing Workshop yesterday.
How did I unleash the Power of their imagination?
And tap into their sub-conscious?

Yesterday I zoomed out to Woodridge North State School to launch series #2 of my SUPER SPACE KIDS Building a Spaceship writing workshop. I dramatized gripping excerpts from JOSH AND THE IT to Gifted and Talented children from years 2-4 and later JOSH vs LORD TERRA to years 5-7, stimulating the kids imagination.

I spring boarded a discussion on JOSH, the hero and THE IT, his alien nemesis, and what they really wanted as opposing characters. On the whiteboard, I brainstormed the unique World Building in the SUPER SPACE KIDS series, motivating the children to create their own stories by closing their eyes and visualizing.

My Top #10 Secrets in Preparing & Presenting Writing Workshops in Schools

1. Stimulate the children’s imagination to create their own story ideas. Allow kids  make choices from a list of themes/ settings.

2. Structure the children’s writing. Support every writer in the group.

3. Deliver a sequential lesson plan so that it flows. Be flexible on the day.

4. Tailor each session to suit the ages and specific needs of the group.

5. Be ultra organized. Rehearse the workshop from beginning to end. Provide all materials and handouts.

6. Advertise your creative writing workshops on your website via a new menu tab

7. Create a promotional glossy brochure filled with photos, details & endorsements

8. Agree on a set price and times BEFORE the event using ASA rates as a guideline. Invoice the school, quoting ABN number and BSB banking details

9. Apply for a Blue Card in you’re presenting workshops to Queensland schools. Down load off the internet and get a JP to sign. Takes 6 weeks to process.

10. LEAVE a lasting impression on the students … leave them hanging for more of your story. Share your Author and writing secrets. Hand out postcards and promos to the students, encouraging them to check your website.

What was the Highlight of my Day?

The chance to test drive my latest version of JOSH AND THE IT, and study the kids reactions to my new comedy lines. I knew I had them at hello when I heard their giggles and spotted their sly grins. And for my new suspense sequences, I watched their eyes bulge with concern for JOSH and the super space kids.

For last few weeks, I had raised the stakes in JOSH AND THE IT higher than ever, weaving MORE intrigue and tension in the dialogue, prose and in Josh’s thoughts

I can’t wait to  zoom off this new amped version of JOSH AND THE IT to the publisher very soon.

I hope she’ll LOVE it as much as the kids at Woodridge North school.

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12 comments to How to Present *Imaginative* Writing Workshops to Schools

  • Graham Clements

    The way you get around it is such a pity that Josh and the IT has not been published yet, you probably could have personally sold hundreds of copies.

  • Thanks Graham for your vote of confidence. I’m amazed at the opportunities offered to me, generated by word of mouth. All Rehearsal for the real thing. feel like its coming soon :))

  • The power of imagination is fascinating and yours, exhilarating! Thank you for your tips, will apply accordingly. Tree hugs, the Forest Singer lol!

  • Hi Jacquelin, Thanks for dropping by. Glad you’ll use my writing workshop tips. Checked out your website too. Love the positive energy!… Karen :))

  • Fabulous guidelines Karen, true advice and brilliant sounding day. On ya!

  • Sounds like you’ve nailed the secret to fun kids’ workshops. Sounds like Josh and the It are a big win with the kids 🙂

  • Hi Charmaine, I Love reading my Josh and the it to a group of kids and watching their reaction. Even better when I can use Josh to motivate them to create a story too.
    Good luck with your book readings and workshops.

  • Thanks so much Dimity,
    So glad you enjoyed my guidelines and advice.
    Wish you every success with your future book readings and writing workshops too :))

  • Sounds like a lot of fun all round. Well done!

  • Thanks Dale, for dropping over. I love working with kids. Its that inner teacher that won’t let go.
    I’m so happy that you’re feeling much better now :))

  • Wow Karen, you have so much enthusiasm for your story and for encouraging young writers- hope that book is published soon!

  • Thanks Lorraine,
    for your encouraging support. I Love my Josh stories and I love the way kids enjoy and react positively to them too. All of the opportunities in reading my stories and delivering workshops have come my way, libraries and schools seeking me out. Its a wonderful feeling, hoping these vibes and interest will lead to publishing.

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